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Protest rips Lee over CV-19 jab threat as soiree raises GOP cash, mayor orders masks

Glenda Pappu explains how angry conservatives and libertarian people are with Gov. Bill Lee. (Photo David Tulis)
Attorney Brian Frye shakes hands with Gov. Bill Lee at the Lincoln Day dinner in Chattanooga. (Photo Brian Frye)
Dorene Pederson says her niece’s daughter’s boyfriend is taken ill with vaccine damages. (Photo David Tulis)
One protester says “No Vax Mandate” on the face of a window sun visor. (Photo David Tulis)
Glenda Pappu’s sign connects the Bill Gates depopulation agenda with the abusive power grab by Gov. Bill Lee in the purported global pandemic. (Photo David Tulis)

Thirty pickets stand on a downtown sidewalk protesting Gov. Bill Lee as he leads a fund-raising soiree in Chattanooga as officials across the state follow his leadership pounding down new rounds of CV-19 executive government upon an embittered citizenry.

By David Tulis / NoogaRadio 92.7 FM

As donors, party regulars and apparatchiks such as Dalton Temple float inside in their finest hems and ironed shirts, the protesters rip the governor for his ushering upon the people dangerous experimental vaccines with a staggering national death toll of between a reported 11,000 and as many as an estimated 100,000, the fruit of a March 2020 panic over what is called Covid-19.

Arch Trimble, the head of the Hamilton County Republicans, isn’t going to be easy on dissent. On Thursday he threatened Glenda Pappu of TN Neighbors for Liberty that if she and other Republicans make protest, they will be banned from party functions.

“He threatened to doxx us and punish us,” says A.J. DePriest. “What he said was, he was going to make sure we didn’t attend any other republican events in the state. I mean — we’re conservatives. We all voted for Gov. Lee. So, if we can’t criticize him, who can — people who didn’t vote for him?”

Mrs. Pappu speaks with TV reporters, rallies the troops and touts a sign, her principles of yearning for free government giving her to break from party favor. Pachyderm Club secretary David Queen takes names with smartphone snaps.

Earlier in the day, Gov. Lee extends the state of emergency to Aug. 31, and Chattanooga mayor Tim Kelly imposes a “walking mask mandate” for people moving about in city-owned buildings, reacting to shrill words of dread from his CV-19 in-house expert, who says: ““This virus is spreading as fast as chicken pox, and the health effects of this mutated COVID-19 virus — even on younger individuals — are appalling and costly.”

The city’s Dr. Mary Lambert goes on to say: “Unvaccinated people in the emergency room are begging for the vaccine, but for far too many of them it’s far too late.”

Dorine Pederson, a retired businesswoman, holds a placard and tells of a Minneapolis niece whose daughter’s boyfriend, 22, took the shot, as did two friends. One friend died within days. The boyfriend “has blood clots in his brain, in his lungs, his leg and his heart. His heart was so severely damaged they had to put a pump in to keep him alive. *** He will have that pump in him for the rest of his life.”

“Why is the press excluded from this event?” this reporter asks Mr. Temple as he tries to get inside the confab.

“We’re not gonna play those games,” he says. “You didn’t buy a ticket.”

“No,” I say, “We’re not eating.”

“You wait outside without everybody else. Don’t make me get security.”

“We’re not eating.”

Mr. Temple chest bumps me in the direction of the door. ‡ “C’mon. I’ve known you too long for this bullshit. You wait in the front. If you want to be right over here, you’re fine. Stay there. Right over here. See ya.”

David Queen, secretary of the Pachyderm Club, keeps record of GOP party members who are naughty or nice in protesting the party’s top man in office, Gov. Bill Lee, strongly supported by Republicans in creating a statewide disaster-by-government. (Photo Hayden Couvillon)

The Westin hotel manager appears, and threatens to call officers if Hayden Couvillon and I don’t leave the lobby. 

“I’m a black male conservative,” says Walter Hambrick, “and I am here because I disagree with all the new mask mandates they’re trying to do. I do believe they are trying to do this to mandate the vaccine. I will not take that mess. I will not put poison in my veins. I believe the vaccines are the reason we are dealing with the Delta variant.”

His poster depicts Gov. Lee and Bill Gates, with the words, “World depopulation advocate through vaccines.”

This reporter has been involved in suing Gov. Lee for violating Tenn. Code Ann. § 68-5-104, which in 102 words says he must make a determination of the agent of contagion of any disease that appears to be an epidemic. Gov. Lee ignored the law, which, had he obeyed it, would have prevented him from taking any actions under the emergency law. The state of emergency is illegal and without warrant or lawful exigency.

Gov. Lee destroyed a quarter of the state’s small businesses with his prison-planet style “lockdown” April 2, 2020, and acted in rejection also of limits to his actions within the emergency law itself at Title 58 that require him and his commissioner to assist in combating an epidemic with “the least inconvenience to commerce and travel.”

Gov. Lee and the local health administrator, Becky Barnes, caught in flagrante delicto, have no defense to offer, but have been sustained in their fraud and breach of oath 301 days by local chancery court judge Pam Fleenor, a Republican whose noble work defending the state of emergency wins her a rally-’round of the Tennessee Judicial Conference, whose members named her president-elect.

Lee says he is not under “any duty” to obey the health law. Mrs. Barnes says she has “discretion” to ignore the law. This reporter has an Aug. 16 deadline to file his brief on appeal, seeking to overturn all of Judge Fleenor’s persiflage-laden orders of dismissal. The judge has refused to be put on notice that the Lee and Barnes court filings in State ex rel Tulis are admissions of crime, namely violation of the official misconduct statute at T.C.A. § 39-16-401.

WRCB TV3’s weekend anchor Joy Dukes is on the scene with a camera operator, and when this reporter suggests she get a quote from him as a subject-matter expert on the CV-19 legal overthrow of state government, she declines, stating, “I have your information.” The most interest MSM has had in the court case is five paragraphs May 19 in the Times Free Press.

‡ This reference is figurative. Neither Hayden Couvillon nor I recollect that Mr. Temple actually touched me with his body, which would have been a battery.

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