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For 200 days, unjust judge Pam Fleenor hog-ties case to halt CV-19 trainwreck

Judge Pamela Fleenor, right, abused, misrepresented, denied justice to relator in the mandamus case seeking to compel Gov. Bill Lee to obey state law. The case State ex rel Tulis has been snuffed 200 days in a 405-day-old overthrow of law and constitution the case has empowerd Judge Fleenor to bring to a halt. (Photo Pam Fleenor on FB)

Today is 200 days in which the case State ex rel Tulis has been in the court of judge Pamela Fleenor.

By David Tulis / NoogaRadio 92.7 FM

It has been two weeks since Judge Fleenor held a hearing regarding my double motions demanding she reconsider her dismissal of my cause.

On the date of that hearing, by phone, she had had the emergency case for approximately 180 days. She has been working up an order of dismissal for the past two weeks. That’s what I’m expecting. Dismissal No. 2. She won’t be issuing a writ of mandamus — not after two weeks.

I have been wondering if I have been too critical about Judge Fleenor, calling her “the unjust judge” and an enemy of equity, a Christian virtue in which chancery specializes. Is there another way of looking at her work, and her hog-tying my demand for relief?

I believe that it is the most Christian thing to do to be thankful for wrongs being done to me, and evils being done against you and your family and people in the rest of the state that my case empowered Judge Fleenor to rescue.

Look first at God’s providence and his eternal decree.

We know that God in his good advancement of the human race has put Judge Fleenor in this position, to block justice, to deny equity, to disregard the constitution to which she swore an oath to uphold, and to ignore and refuse to be controlled by the law in Tennessee that I have invoked to end the pseudo-crisis of the seasonal flu brought against us by Gov. Bill Lee.

She’s not there by happenstance, mistake, error, or luck good or bad. God put her there to ruin us, as we are deserving of it for many reasons and for many cultural and societal sins (abortion, traffic arrests, unjust courts, inflation, foreign wars, coercive laws, etc.)

Fleenor role in eugenic geopolitics

In attempting to avoid the sin of ingratitude, I want to go out my way to explain how being subject to an unjust judge is really a good thing

➤ Having unjust judge Pamela Fleenor means that the people of Hamilton County Tennessee will have no protection from the drug industry’s experimental vaccines that rejigger their genetic makeup and expose them to hazards in their immune systems and their neurological systems. We are overpeopled, and the population is too great for survival, and Judge Fleenor is aiding a project of the great ones such as Bill Gates and Claus Schwab, seeking to reduce us.

➤ We already have many damaging influences to human health, such as pollution and electromagnetic radiation by cell phones. Internally, we are harmed by fluoride and plastics. Altered DNA is a tribute to the great power in the judiciary to support policy, even if people are reduced by it numerically and in their health. Health policy, health safety and global government are best for us, if we could only believe it.

➤ Being subject to a judge who allows irreparable harm to continue 200 days teaches the lesson of patience. God himself reminds us that patience is a virtue, and so he has installed judge Pam Fleenor to teach us this virtue

➤ The problem of irreparable harm continuing in an emergency petition shows us the pitifulness and weakness of emergency petitions. That’s a lesson we should learn. Under absolutist government that brooks no delay in its own projects, considers its emergencies first, and will not stand to have the law put in its way, we need to be taught we have no remedy. All will be better for state actors and the state itself if we people have no remedy.

Remedies? What remedies?

➤ Judge Fleenor refusal to act on an emergency petition make small the use of emergency petitions. I use mandamus with a magnifying glass in hand — to make it big and effective. She looks at it through binoculars — but backwards, to make the remedy remote. Citizens have two main remedies or lockdown overthrow of lawful government. Mandamus. Petition for writ of habeas corpus. Habeas brings one jailed lawlessly to be brought immediately before a judge. Mandamus requires an official to obey the law. These limit arbitrary use of power, and bring real law into view, and constitutional protections. In the interest of public health, all limits to power should be reduced in size to dust specks.

➤ Two hundred days days is an important milestone, because it teaches us to live contentedly under Republican municipal governments such as that of former fire chief Jim Coppinger, county mayor. His administration follows all the conventional platitudes regarding social distancing and chin diapers. It is good to live under Republicans, because we know they care about liberty, freedom, the family, small business and prosperity, about “reopening the economy.” Demolition of commerce, damage to Christian worship and faithful service to God, abolition of social life, deletion of facial expressions under masks are necessary to help the Republican party recover from the November losses and a stolen election that the national GOP helped engineer.

➤ We’ve been under administrative law for 405 days. For officials across the spectrum to violate their oaths that long is gracious to them, letting them get used to being in a new legal terrain, a new universe in which they have become detached from their duties under Tennessee code. To work in government under executive fiat is important to help the “great reset” emerge.

➤ There are reports that “vaccine hesitancy” is stopping the flow of gene-tasty jab cocktail into the upper arms of members of the populace, and officials are looking to see how to overcome that with more propaganda. Judge Fleenor’s lollygagging gives time for more people to not realize they are victims of a swindle.


Time to fight

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