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Judge Fleenor inaction 41 days shuts down Christian school

Inaction by a chancery judge has closed this Christian school serving hundreds of local families. The CV-19 has been amplified into a “pandemic” by lawless officials who reject obedience to the requirement that they diagnose the condition and make a finding and determination of its viral agent. (Photo CSS)
Students like these are without educational services for two weeks from Chattanooga Christian School, thanks to a judge who is refusing to act on an emergency petition to lift the CV-19 state of emergency. (Photo CSS)

Judge Pamela Fleenor is a member of the Christian church and is no higher than the lowest person in that body. Mrs. Fleenor, chancery court jurist, as a daughter of the church is no more important than the stoop-shouldered man on the other side of the aisles 12 rows behind who, widower, runs a Chattanooga street sweeping truck.

By David Tulis / NoogaRadio 92.7 FM

The elevation of lawyer Fleenor to judge his put her in a position of huge responsibility, unlike the rest of us commoners. 

Pam Fleenor, chancery judge

Because the judge has not acted on my emergency petition to end the CV-19 catastrophe, she ordains the health department shut down a Christian school — CCS — in Chattanooga “due to recent positive COVID-19 cases on campus,” a report says. The order from Becky Barnes, the health department administrator I am suing, also shuts down the school’s sports team and season. 

“It’s the spread on campus overall that caused the health department to close the school for 14 days,” the school’s Chad Dirkse tells TV3. “CCS had been working with the health department to navigate through this since yesterday and in no way am I discouraging what they had to do, I fully understand it’s to keep everyone safe.”

Keeper of king’s conscience

As judge in the equity jurisdiction, Judge Fleenor has a duty to bring peace to the realm and to be, as it were, “keeper of the King’s conscience,” as chancellors came to be known in England starting in 1348.

She has in her hand the cry of the people of Tennessee. This cry has come through my voice in an Oct. 2 filing in her court demanding that she relieve them and their state from an oppression that is without precedent in the 81,978 days life of the republic of state of Tennessee.

The petition for writ of mandamus has been in her hand 41 days — an emergency petition demanding she perform a ministerial nonoptional duty to order the governor to perform a ministerial nonoptional duty — that of obeying the law at Tenn. Code Ann. § Title 68-5-104.

She refuses to tell him to obey the law, despite vast economic and cultural losses across the city and state. She has set a “hearing” Dec. 2, 20 days out, so that Mrs. Barnes, in default before my claims, can have her say.

That oppression is not the North-South, slavery vs. free divide during the war to prevent Southern independence. That is not the subjection of the people to the World War I draft nor the subjection of communities, farms and small towns to the welfarism and bureaucracy of the New Deal or the draft and the wartime economy of World War II. 

This most extraordinary overturning is of the government itself by Gov. Bill Lee through the pseudo-medical emergency called COVID-19 or, CV-19.

Restoring government Fleenor job

The filing of my case on behalf of the people of Tennessee seeks to restore the government to its foundation and to squeeze its public servants back into their proper — and limited — roles. As Matthew Henry says in discussing the descendants of Esau, “when power is abused, it is just with God to weaken it, by turning it into diverse channels. For the transgression of a land, many are the princes thereof. Sin brought Edom from Kings to Dukes, from crowns to coronets.”

We are under a judgment, with government multiplying administratively and extra-statutorily. Gov. Lee, with Judge Fleenor’s daily leave, is vacating the law. He has thrown those officials in every city and county into a temptation: To treat the people as subjects under their mastery, as property under their corporations and departments of health, as object of administrative fiat apart from statutory authority, in spite of constitutionally guaranteed due process rights.

Apart from any legal authority over and against them, the people who send their children to Chattanooga Christian school are under orders left and right, with fraudulent mitigation measures wrecking commerce and private life — all with the leave of a judge — a Christian — in lassitude.

The overturning of the government by the governor and his elopement with the medical administrative total state in a kind of executive-legislative adultery, is a picture of this judgment against the people of Tennessee. Almost to a person, these state and local officials have accepted royal title of duke and master, all the while keeping their old forms and title. The CV-19 overthrow starting March 12 has provoked neither arms nor street protest.

The people, in hope, await the judge to issue the writ of mandamus to bring the disaster to an end.

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