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How county’s general warrants scam endangers deputies personally

I complain about general warrants Wednesday in defense of county deputies who are legally on the hook when their imprisonments and arrests turn out to be false —an unwarranted mistake. Does Hamilton County really want to lose deputies, and keep people from applying for uniformed jobs because it persists in a dangerous program in defiance of the Tennessee constitution?

I was arrested without a warrant Nov. 22, 2023, by Brandon Bennett, a Hamilton County deputy sheriff. Ricky Coonrod is arrested without a warrant Jan. 22. Both victims are seized in so-called “traffic stops” without a warrant. In misdemeanors, an arrest requires the deputy to first get an arrest warrant if the activity in the officer’s presence is (1) not a public offense, nor (2) a threatened breach of the peace. If it’s not a public offense nor a breach of the peace, the deputy or cop must get a warrant.

On Wednesday I ask the 11 men on the Hamilton County commission to care about county employees. It’s in the comment section in the minute public comment section of the regular meeting. I’ve made this demand previously from the podium.

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