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Attorney tries to open PDF 3 months, gets 30 more days to file CV-19 brief

Sharon Milling, behind the plexiglass window at the county attorney’s office, opens her copy of my grievance against judge Pam Fleenor in Hamilton County chancery. Mrs. Milling represents Becky Barnes, the errant county health administrator who is ignoring state law because she has “discretion,” according to Mrs. Milling. (Photo David Tulis)

For three months the attorney defending fraud by county government official Becky Barnes has been trying to open a PDF.

By David Tulis / NoogaRadio

On the day her brief is due to defend the reliable work of Hamilton County chancery judge Pam Fleenor, she realizes she cannot open the PDF containing part of the trial record.

When Sharon Milling came to the last day to file her brief Thursday to continue harm against the people of Tennessee, she asked the court of appeals in Knoxville for more time to get the full “technical record” of the case State ex rel Tulis and to finish her brief.

Mrs. Milling’s motion to the court of appeals quoted my objection to delay, I did not have time to submit a written filing to attack the delay before the judges.

The court granted her Oct. 6 request instantly — the next day — giving her an additional month in an emergency case that was to have been decided in days rather than 373 days in which I have been in court to stop the fraud of Gov. Bill Lee and his phony state of emergency.

The Milling petition is prejudicial to my cause, and smells phony, but the court accepted it.

‘Could not be printed‘

Mrs. Milling has been unable to access all or print any of Volume 1 of the Technical Record, despite efforts to save it in [a] different manner in Adobe as well as in different formats in other programs.” She says she got messages such as “The document could not be printed” and “An error occurred while printing the document.” Her motion cites as precedent, as it were, the fact I had gotten two orders granting me additional time to prepare my brief — July 13 and Aug. 11. Mrs. Milling calls her situation a “demonstrated good cause.”

An attorney serving county government has been working three months, if we believe her motion, trying to open a document. Could she not have asked Janet Kleinfelter, defending Gov. Lee, to mail her a hard copy of the record, so she could scan and download the file to Google docs for ready use? Since getting the disk, Barnes — head of a major county agency — spent three months fuddling about and now via Mrs. Milling pleads for another month so she can “request” a copy and finish her lucubrations to defend oath-breaking, fraud and breach of statute.

For 201 days in chancery court Mrs. Barnes admitted she is participant in fraud — the open disobedience to statute and proximate cause of mass irreparable harm among the people she ostensibly serves. A judge agrees with her, so state of Tennessee on relation persists in prosecuting respondent Gov. Lee and “intrinsically linked” (p. 86) respondent Barnes for the lawless crisis and emergency they launched 574 days ago.

My reply to the two briefs is due 14 days after Mrs. Milling files her papers with the court. That would be Nov. 22. 

Showing grace to the wicked, the court of appeals unjustly stretches out the continuing violation of 68-5-104 by respondents, and violation of the mandamus statute’s “forthwith” requirement for immediate settling of the claim that the official has violated a state law.

Remonstrance vs. Hamilton County

Meanwhile, I ask residents of the county to demand action to halt the massive state-based fraud that is the Covid-19 emergency, done in violation of Tenn. Code Ann. § 68-5-109.

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