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Deputy busts window of traveler insisting on rights

Chris Concannon of Fauquier County, Va., is learning how to defend constitutional liberties, as here at a Warrenton, Va., rally demanding an end to lawless and phony edicts against members of the public under the CV-19 panic. (Photo Tami Stieger Photography)
Wesley Frost administers the state trucking law upon a man who insists he is not involved in trucking,but in private travel. (Photo Chris Concannon)

Chris Concannon of Warrenton, Va., tells of his arrest by a deputy in Fauquier County, Va., who is enforcing the state’s transportation code against one who insists he is not involved in transportation.

By David Tulis / NoogaRadio 

In all the 50 states — Virginia and Tennessee included — state government and erstwhile agents in county and cities enforce the state and federal trucking and shipping laws against private parties who are each assumed to be involved in regulable activity at the time of their seizure along the roadway. That claim, that smashing of the window, that arrest is based always on a legal presumption upheld in courts.

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That presumption is that all travel is commercial in nature, that all communication, use of the road for private purposes, private rights, private necessities, the exercise of constitutional rights and other civil liberties — that these all are not private at all, but public and regulable and taxable under the state trucking law. In Tennessee, that law is at Tenn. Code Ann.§ Title 55 and, also, the carrier statute at Title 65.

Fauquier County Deputy Wesley Frost arrested Mr. Concannon on Route 17 northbound after Mr. Concannon says he’d had a long workday. The system in the Northwest Virginia county kept the young man in jail Saturday and Sunday following his arrest on a Friday. 

A hearing is set in district court Friday (Feb. 4, 2022).

Says Mr. Concannon

He attempted to enforce his municipal service corporation’s company policy onto me as I was expressing my rights to travel the public roadways without displaying registration tags when not utilizing my property for gain or profit in commerce.

He then falsely and incompletely identified himself (highly illegal) by not giving his full name, lying about his badge number being “86” when in fact it’s 0812, and failed to provide his indemnity insurance number.

He then allowed my property that I handed him (paperwork) to be destroyed in the wet snow, threw the property back at me, and eventually went on to stealing it as it’s no longer in my automobile.

In addition to this, Wesley damaged my property by smashing my window, attempted to break my wrist while attaching handcuffs, refused to recite my Miranda rights (which I STILL have not been read), then went on with his gang of thugs to unlawfully search my automobile going through my trunk, my backpack, lunch cooler, etc all without any Reasonable Articulable Suspicion or Single Articulable Fact for them to do so.

For the average man or woman this would also amount to kidnapping charges, but according to Virginia Code since little Wesley here has a shiny badge on his shirt he receives what is called “qualified immunity”.

I will be seeing Wesley again at the Warrenton District Court at 11:30am this Friday, the 4th (should he be foolish enough to show his face).

*** My affidavits are nearly all written and are ready for some fun! Once these charges are dropped (and they WILL be), I’ll be pursuing counter-charges against him consistent with my heavy fee scheduling. Hope he doesn’t have any property listed in his name.

Mr. Concannon has an 18-minute video of the encounter, a 2-minute version of which is on FB, the great commie platform. The long version is on a channel on Telegram, Exodus Law Group. Click for the full arrest video.

The short version at two minutes is on FB:

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