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Clinic insisting on chin diapers has mom of 5 arrested

Jessica Hedgcock, 34, mother of 5, arrives at a protest in Cleveland, Tenn., less than an hour after she is released on her own recognizance after being arrested for refusing to don a chin diaper and to leave a medical office without receiving her care. (Photo David Tulis)

CLEVELAND, Tenn., Feb.4, 2022 – A homeschooling mom of 5 is arrested by Cleveland Imaging after she objected to its demand she wear a chin diaper and refused to miss her appointment after she was ordered off the property.

By David Tulis / NoogaRadio

Mrs. Hedgcock has said she has a psychological condition that will not let her wear a so-called mask over her face. She is the mother of a million-dollar baby who was thrown out of Erlanger Medical Center’s care after she asserted her rights to not wear a chin diaper and to always be present in his treatment. The boy, Charlton, is receiving treatment at Vanderbilt.

Bo Griffey, operations manager at the clinic at 2253 Chambliss Ave. NW, called police for the apparent disturbance caused by the woman who insists on her rights and is learning how to become a belligerent claimant in person.

Mrs. Hedgcock is charged with criminal trespass and is in the Bradley County jail, apparently refusing to sign a criminal citation to appear in general sessions court and thereby delay as judicial determination of probable cause. 

She is insisting on an immediate judicial determination of probable cause, and apparently is told she cannot see a magistrate until Monday.

From the jail she called this reporter in a conversation that was disconnected in less than two minutes. The discussion centered on whether the citation reduced in any way her constitutionally guaranteed and other rights. 

Several attempts to reach Mr. Guffey ended with a clerk passing along word from him: “No comment.”

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Chad and Jessica Hedgcock of Cleveland, Tenn., are homeschooling five children and learning how to defend their due process rights. (Photo David Tulis)

The criminal trespass statute is evoked when a party calls the police to arrest someone who will not depart the premises. A main defense against criminal trespass is the departure of the would-be defendant from the premises. 

The Mrs. Hedgcock apparently refused to leave the premises.

Mrs. Hedgcock is one of a growing number of people in Bradley County insisting that the CV-19 project is a fraud and a mass harm. She has been vocal about the rights of the people in face of lawless officials and administrative fiat that has come to become the new form of government since the erstwhile pandemic began in Tennessee March 12, 2020, in an emergency decree from the governor, Bill Lee.


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