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$691,00 flows to mayor hopefuls, secures gaslighting

Sabrena Smedley, center, no. 3 in raising money, shows the power of public favor, even though donors have limits under the law as to how much they can give. (Photo Sabrena Smedley campaign)

For two years elite abuser classes have coughed upon and smeared fraud and threat over the general public under guise of the CV-19 panic. Public anger is rising – slowly, but gaining ground, as the Canada truck convoy suggests.

By David Tulis / NoogaRadio

Is this discontent enough to slash the power of a quarter of a million dollars in a local mayoral race Republican primaries?

That’s how much three GOP contenders for Hamilton County mayor each have drawn in cash donations by well-meaning conservatives and others hoping to influence the primary May 3.

According to state filings checked by, Matt Hullander took in $255,979. 

Weston Wamp, from the noted political family and a man who crisscrosses the country to rap the national debt,  reports $232,321 for a campaign that includes a promise of 10 columns at and a focus on vocational education in county schools.

Sabrena Smedley, a county commissioner and real estate agent, has $202,260 in the reporting period. She put $40,978 from her County Commission campaign fund into the county mayor race, according to report.

In an FB post, Mr. Wamp says, “I’ll tell you, money is not going to ultimately determine who the next county mayor is. It certainly shouldn’t. It should be about ideas for the future. It should be about leadership. But, part of what it take so run a good campaign is money, and we’re so grateful” for the donations that have come in.

Indeed, money is crucial, but not ultimate in a campaign.

This reporter, also a mayor hopeful, has not yet named a treasurer has not collected the 1st penny.

I suggest that in the coming conflict over the mayor’s job, the issue is not how to better spend the 63 percent of the county budget devoted to the state factory school.

It is, rather, about whether government will obey the law. Clearly, officials in public office have refused to obey their oath of office and to uphold the constitutionally protected rights of the people. That is to say a coup of the national government by Big Pharma-backed federal regulatory agencies and a downstream flood of abuse through state capitals to municipal and local authority.

Mr. Wamp, whom I rate as a “3” in a 1-10 scale, beats Mrs. Smedley and Mr. Hullander because he is a man who reads and who has ideas. They get only a “2” because they pretend that the CV-19 overthrow didn’t happen, and they are doing so without the benefit of much study, reading or research. He is little better than they because he makes out that his right understanding of federalism doesn’t go far enough, doesn’t clarify for us the means in Hamilton County to obey the law and shrug off the national abuse under a pretended epidemic.

These candidates appear not to care much about the law itself that controls the health department, the local source of the cancer of fraudulent mitigation that metastasized across the state and overthrew state government, as my lawsuit alleges.

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