Cop in action? Expect us to video you obeying law, protecting property

This clip is the start of a video by Jamichael Parks of Bradley County, Tenn., in which a deputy giving menaces to his cousin, Terrell Parks, seizes the phone of a citizen photographing police harassment — er, official business. (Photo Terrell Parker on Facebook)

Terrell Parks, right, appears in a video of an unfriendly and harassing encounter with Bradley County sheriff’s deputies in April 2018. (Photo Facebook)

There’s a reason why government actors, from the police to the courts do not want you to record them using a video or audio device. Because they want to be the only ones that have the official record. So they can lie on the record.

Remember if you’re arguing facts in court, you will almost always lose.

By Sab Cupelli / 92.7 NoogaRadio

The prosecutor will almost always fabricate the evidence to win. That includes intimidating and or manipulating witnesses and, yes, even sometimes paying off witnesses. And of course if that doesn’t work, put on the stand lying federal agents or cops (see story about “testilying,” a persistent problem reported by the New York Times).

The only chance you have to win a political case is with a jury trial arguing the law.

Remember, the judge controls the evidence that will be allowed in the jury room for the jury to see. He who controls the evidence typically controls the outcome of the trial.

Remember, fellow patriots, if you’re going to be prosecuted for a political “crime.” That would include refusing to give information at checkpoints, the money issue, denying federal jurisdiction or any jurisdiction related to your argument, driving versus travel, the right to keep and bear arms, etc.

Always remember you have jury nullification otherwise known as jury lawlessness. Lawyers and judges hate this. The jury has the right to determine not only the facts — but also the law. The judge will say “I determine what the law is and the jury determines the facts.” If that happens you will always lose, and is a bunch of bologna.

The jury is the final arbiter in a constitutional republic. It is the final check and balance over tyranny of the legislature and judicial branch of government. The occupiers will always manufacture evidence against you. The occupiers will also attempt to find against you with summary judgment and no jury.

Judicial manipulation

The judge has the power to manipulate the official record and often does. In one political federal case that I covered as broadcast Journalist 30 years ago, the jury was hung on one of 52 phony charges. The judge advised the jury that “the government has spent over 2 million dollars on this case, please return to deliberating and make decision,” he said.

The judge basically told the jury find this guy guilty on at least one charge. The jury returned a decision of not guilty on 51 counts and guilty on “conspiracy to impede impair the lawful functions of the IRS.” Really? What the hell is that? As a greenhorn reporter, I was shocked.

The individual who the occupiers were prosecuting had never even had a traffic ticket in his whole life. A fine, upstanding citizen with some tough questions that the occupiers could not answer. So he decided to go with his friend to an audit and ask the IRS some tough questions in person, while his friend was being audited.

He was labeled a “tax protester.” Any time you challenge the occupiers, that’s how they label you, with no real evidence. From that point on, they were after him. I later found out, the occupiers would go as far as writing down license plates numbers of his associates.

No exculpatory evidence

Back to my original point. The occupiers of our constitutional republic do not want you to have a factually accurate record of any of their activities or any evidence that can make a case in your favor.

Always remember, government will always alter, lie, manipulate subvert and pervert the truth. Be prepared to take your own notes to record audio and video at all times, and when confronted. Keep your mouth shut. Anything you say will be used against you. Even if your asked your name, your response should be “lawyer.”

You will be charged with obstruction of justice even if you make a mistake in your response.

In my opinion, one should not even assert their the fifth amendment right. That, because the occupiers may use your assertion as obstruction of justice. Even though the assertion of right cannot be turned into a crime.

“Good afternoon, I’m from the F O C (full of crap agency) — are you Mr. Jones?”

Response: “LAWWWWWW-YER!”

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