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Case vs. girl, 14, shows how law works to confine a ‘suspected’ CV-19 case

Mikaila Spiess was the object of a court action on grounds that she was potentially a CV-19 spreader. (Photo Gateway Pundit)

The law requires that your due process rights be respected when the state gives you an order to quarantine or isolate yourself as a known or suspected carrier of a disease..

By David Tulis / NoogaRadio

A case involving a 14-year-old girl in Eau Claire County, Wisc., Mikaila Spiess, a high school freshman, illustrates how the process at law is supposed to work.

In Tennessee, as in other states, due process rights under the constitution have been thrown out the window as entire populations are given commandments which, under law, canrise only through judicial process and only upon men, women, boys and girls one by one, person by person, case by case.

The girl, 14, is unvaccinated and was targeted by a court order that she quarantine at home last week.

When the health department gave her an order to stay home, she violated the order by showing up to school for class. The school put the girl in an empty room with the principal. The health department moved the local court to grant it a quarantine order which was to have been enforced by guards placed at the girl’s home. 

The girl tested negative over the weekend and went back to school. No guards were installed at her doorway. She had been labeled as a “close contact” with a person who had had Covid-19, according to court records as reported by Gateway Pundit. The school district obtained a court order by the end of the day with four armed police officers ready to remove her from school.

The girl’s mother, Kita Busse, says the teenager and school district are engaged in a civil court battle over the matter. 

Eau Claire County, it appears followed the law in asserting power through the court. That’s called respect of due process. Lovers of liberty may be appalled at the story, they should instead hold up Eau Claire officials as doing the right thing by the law.

Tennessee law outlines how the legal process works in the tuberculosis section of the health code at Tenn. Code Ann. Title 68. At 68-9206, the law describes how a person suspected of being infectious can be targeted in a criminal case. The commissioner or a health officer is authorized to swear out a warrant for such a person and to bring that person to court. 

However, the magistrate or judge is not bound to issue the warrant, unless and until there is a showing of reasonable cause on the basis of sound clinical and epidemiological evidence to believe the person has infectious tuberculosis.

(3) If reasonable cause is shown for the arrest and examination of the person or persons, the magistrate or judge shall direct that an examination be made of the person or persons to determine whether or not they are infectious.

Tenn. Code Ann. § 68-9-206 (West)

Of course, the law goes into detail as to how this process works. By law, the state cannot address, see, speak to or command any person among the “free people” of Tennessee outside of this process.

The overthrow of constitutional government is at this very point. Gov. Lee imposed a statist revolution against the rights of the people to be invisible to the state apart from this process. The lawyers have played along. Elected officials in city and county governments have played along — your Robin Smiths and Bo Watsons et al. The political parties have played along.

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