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Killer question as Memorial threatens nurses with firing

Memorial hospital in Chattanooga plans to cut its own throat by firing more than 200 of its best staff people if they don’t “get the jab,” even though as many as a third have natural immunity. (Photo Memorial hospital)

Dear Sir,

Is there evidence, data, information, a determination or an epidemiological finding in your possession that shows that I am contagious, sick, a carrier of any listed or known illness, virus or pathogen and that I pose a threat or danger to another person?

If so, I demand it be disclosed in writing, sent by 1st class mail.

[ If it were me, and I were being threatened with termination for refusing to get a clot-shot under the state-based fraud called Covid-19, I would submit to management this letter. I would send a separate letter to the health department, asking the same thing. The key question is at the head of the letter. Send the letters certified, with return receipt requested, and start your administrative record to resist lawless, presumption-based demands against you. — DJT]

Enclosed is my notice to the company on the role of fraud and criminal violation of law in state of Tennessee’s purported state of emergency, said act done without a nonfraudulent exigency and in violation of Tenn. Code Ann. 68-5-104. Please consider yourself put on notice and on awares about the fraudulent program of purported SARS-CoV-2 mitigation by officials in Tennessee.

Please respond within seven days with submission to me of these records, as I consider further action and time is of the essence.

Respectfully, David Tulis

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