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Tell justices you’re watching treatment of mandamus case

As people in Hamilton County take experimental CV-19 vaccines, a judge in chancery court is bottling up a legal effort to compel state and county to obey Tenn. Code Ann. § Title 68-5-104, the isolation and quarantine law. Office holders and government employees are refusing obedience to law in any dosage, and refuse to halt a lawless state of emergency in Tennessee. (Photo department of health)

On Tuesday I sent to Nashville and the supreme court a filing that complains of unjust, partial, prejudicial and inequitable treatment by unjust judge Pamela Fleenor in chancery. Could you help me by letting the justices know my case has an unusual public interest?

By David Tulis / NoogaRadio 92.7 FM

Please send a letter to the TN supreme court demanding action on the David Tulis mandamus case to overturn the CV-19 state of emergency.

Why it matters

Pam Fleenor, chancery judge

Since Oct. 2, the case State of Tennessee ex rel David Tulis v. Bill Lee, governor, et al has been slow-walked by Hamilton County judge Pam Fleenor. The petition is for a writ of mandamus. In issuing the writ, Judge Fleenor would tell Gov. Lee and health administrator Becky Barnes to obey the law. She has refused for no stated reason.

All parties are openly violating TCA 68-5-104, the main law on epidemics. In ignoring the law, they are applying police powers upon the public generally, not upon the sick specifically. The harm began March 12 with Gov. Lee’s first executive order. Lee and Barnes have abrogated many constitutional rights (religion, commerce, assembly, travel, due process). 

What’s happening today

David Tulis on Dec. 22, 2020, mailed a second administrative grievance to the supreme court. David’s first appeal to the supreme court on these same grounds was Nov. 2. The judges rejected it. David is demanding reconsideration. Pam Fleenor continues blocking an emergency matter that the mandamus law requires get action in 2 weeks or less.

Write to

Chief Justice Jeff Bivins

TN Supreme Court

401 7th Ave. North

Nashville, TN 37219-1407

Max 3-4 sentences

— Tell how lockdowns, mask rules and depression have harmed you.

— Ask the justices to reconsider David’s demand for supervision of unjust judge Pam Fleenor. Order her to obey the rule of law, honor godly rules of equity (the specialty of chancery court), and issue the writ immediately to stop further irreparable harm to the state and the people

— Say you are following the case in local media. Demand oversight, reform, and instruction of Judge Fleenor. Demand action. Demand the writ issue today.

Help David’s reporting

Send scans or copies of your demand letter to David. Or 10520 Brickhill Lane, Soddy-Daisy, TN 37379

Links about case

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