I go through the growing casefile in chancery court, Hamilton County, Tenn., which has bottled up my petition for writ of mandamus, an emergency writ that should be handled in a week to end an overthrow of representative government. Judge Pam Fleenor has denied relief for 79 days. (Photo David Tulis)
Pam Fleenor, chancery judge

Judge Pamela Fleenor in chancery is siding with a state-based racket, though her calling as judge requires her to bring it to an immediate end, now that its scope and damage have been brought to her attention by proper appeal.

By David Tulis / NoogaRadio 92.7 FM

Judge Fleenor has had state of Tennessee ex rel David Jonatan Tulis for 79 days and has not delivered the state of Tennessee or its people from the thralldom of an illegal scheme to save the state by destroying  her people and violating black-letter law and the bill of rights. 

As of March 12 and an executive order, Gov. Lee and a claque of local health officials have opted for an emergency rather than obedience to the isolation and quarantine law at Tenn. Code Ann.  all of whom are ignoring black letter law at Tennessee code annotated § Title 68-5-104.

Because unjust judge Judge Pam Fleenor is taking the side of Gov. Lee and Becky Barnes, she is putting lives at risk and people’s businesses in property and savings and integrity. Her subsidy of a false response to a health crisis implies one thing: People die if the wrong response is made, and the right response — require in the law — is rejected.

If the law is ignored, the right response — the right mediation, the right public health response — is obviated, denied, not allowed.

A proper response to a contagion is to focus state resources on reducing the spread by imposing police power, if necessary upon the sick. The state has a concentration camp law that is being ignored, also usable to isolate in quarantine known contumacious sick people who refuse to isolate once being shown The state’s isolation and quarantine laws required isolation of people who are shown to be sick or who admit to being sick and thereby fall under the health department’s authority. 

It has no authority over the healthy. Period.

No authority.

By seizing promiscuous powers, the governor and Becky Barnes failed to do what the law requires and continue to fail to make a determination of the cause of the epidemic. They have not determined the cause nor made a diagnosis nor even obeyed the law by finding a first case and making a diagnosis of that first case. That has not been done. And the clack of doctors supporting Mayor Jim Coppinger, Mayor Andy Berke and others care not a whit.

Judge Fleenor has a duty to exercise judicial authority — properly evoked by a petition for writ of mandamus — to end the health terror state crisis in fewer than 10 days.

The disaster abrogating the constitution has been in progress 283 days.

The quality of Judge Fleenor is in view of Levi Thurston, one of the gnomes, a tradesman in Middle Tennessee with whom I often speak:

So, David when you observe that ratchet jaw hollow clanking sound, you’re dealing with a typical judge that merely has gears between the ears and a programmed rote robotic behavior and those dull unresponsive eyes like a goat has because they can’t think with an intellect informed with morality and principles.

What you’re getting is the baseless cookie cutter spew of proceeding from her that has blue sky backing the application of rules as she quotes them completely separated from the issues and their presentation before her. 

She’s made up her mind of how she’s going to avoid being overwhelmed through her own incompetence, which hearing and engaging from the bench then putting to paper her review and discussion of the case that documents having made her own inquiries of the parties’ argument. 

She can’t operate at that level of engagement — it’s well beyond her.

Nobody in there is prepared to make a reliance defense of their position with precedent quotes and argue asking for a finding and ruling point by point on, let’s say, each of the three elements of standing, what constitutes adherence to legislative commands or what is the meaning of “discretionary” on immensely impacting use of the health office response towards a “pandemic.”

 The sole defense of Becky Barnes is she can behave without accountability because she has an impenetrable discretion. They’re not prepared because they offered no precedent to such a Title 68 application, especially towards your complaint elements.

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