Mild-mannered editor explores ‘other side of crisis’ on radio

David Tulis’ fingertips are stained with printer’s ink from a career as a newspaper editor. on Hot News Talk Radio 1240 defends a host of blessings and attacks a swarm of evils. Its perspective is Noogacentric, provincial, localist and personal. Its theme in two words: LOCAL ECONOMY. airs weekdays 1 to 3 p.m. at Hot News Talk Radio on your AM dial — and also on live TV streaming from the station website. Or hear all David’s programming from your smart phone by downloading the app and typing in

Nooganomics draws listeners by virtue of its host’s familiarity with Chattanooga and the news business, and his aggressively framed and warmly argued claims for liberty and self-government and his homespun theorizing about dependency, welfarism and for-profit government that are slowly losing their grip on the American heartland. The show argues that national collapse and ruin cannot be stopped by people in Washington — and that they are the cause of it. But the effect of devolution of their monopolies can be mitigated and resolved by people acting and thinking locally, and taking confidence in their own genius.

David Tulis simplifies issues such as economics. The study of capital is not a science best left to Ph.Ds on Granma Yellin’s payroll, but an exploration of morals and the life of imagination. on Hot News Talk Radio looks at underlying principles, and gives listeners greater confidence in themselves. brings moral intelligence upon the day’s headlines.

A commoner’s insights into big topics

Take, for example, free trade. The underlying concept of NAFTA-type free trade is mercantilism, an ancient theory of trade exploited by England in the 18th century. Free trade is scarcely about freedom of commerce, but control of commerce by centralized governments beholden to private interests in an open conspiracy. Take another topic: Virtue. Hardly a female trait, virtue is a masculine one, coming from the same Latin root as virile. Men in Chattanooga should be encouraged to attain virtue and live out the claims of self-sacrifice and service. Part of virtue is disbelieving the fables peddled by monopoly media, of which David long has been a part.

David Tulis’ areas of public service include gold and silver investments, banking and the fraud of inflation, firearms, self-defense, homeschooling, the underground history of American education, patriotism, tea party activism, crime and restitution, messianic government, political and economic decentralization, economic crises and forecasting, debt default and market collapses, worldview warfare, cultural atomization vs. community, agrarianism, the War to Prevent Southern Independence, monopolies, taxation, constitutional law vs. positivist/administrative law and whole wheat bread. on Hot News Talk Radio views the world not ideologically and abstractly, but personally and in terms of individuals and common people. No, this show is not about financial advice nor personal religion. It stands at the corner of Main and Broad streets, as it were, and looks outwardly in concentric circles, with Nashville and Washington being very alien places whose denizens are hostile to local prosperity. David Tulis has fought in many of the issues he explores. There’s no better person to argue for intelligent Noogacentrism than a locally born European who has arrived at his argument for local economy by reflection and earnest personal reconstruction.

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