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U.S. ‘smart city’ climate plan for Chattanooga reaches for sky, finds iron, dust

Forty years after the U.N. control scheme is adopted by city government, people line up to give two minute commentary to Chattanooga city council. (Photo David Tulis)

The sky over your head will be bronze, the ground beneath you iron. The LORD will turn the rain of your country into dust and powder. – Deut. 28:23, 24b

CHATTANOOGA, Tenn., March 23, 2023 — The Kelly administration “climate action plan” unveiled March 7 intends to bring the city closer into a United Nations and World Economic Forum techno-control grid with a local economy homegrown tomato flavor.

From left, city council members Chip Henderson, Darrin Ledford and Ken Smith chat before a public hearing on an updated “climate action plan” operating already 40 years in Chattanooga. (Photo David Tulis)

By David Tulis / NoogaRadio Network

City council today gives ear public perceptions of the scheme and will vote Tuesday on a “resolution adopting” the plan. It is likely to give a nod to the scheme that intends to “[achieve] a net-zero carbon footprint community-wide by 2050” and “is a community-wide roadmap for how we will create a prosperous and sustainable future,” Mayor Tim Kelly says, projecting a program spreading across 7½ mayoral terms, with elections every four years.

The project borrows heavily from communitarian and collectivist thinking of writers such as Amitai Etzioni. It “embraces,” as TV news reports might say, the U.N. agenda. The plan extends the civic toils of wealthy local people beginning in the mid- to late 1980s with Vision 2000 and public forums and the opening of the aquarium on the riverfront in 1992. The “Gig City” and now the “Smart City” are fueled by federal funds and local philanthropy making the city a test bed for technocratic public-private collaboration and what Klaus Schwab of the WEF calls the Fourth Industrial Revolution.

Water pours into a bucket as a woman uses her digital access card at a public tap. Digital ID grids, whether in Africa or China, are intended to control populations by social credit scores that convert public money into privately controlled tokens or chits.

That Mayor Kelly is promulgating the plan and embedding it into his offices by policy and contracts indicates he understands the idea of “continuity of government,” like that which rises to the fore in a state of emergency. Such continuity among well-heeled residents and supports will secure Chattanooga as a city too medium to fail.

Emergency is the mantra of environmentalism. The movement’s backers declare a continuing crisis.

Weather is a continuing cause of alarm. Climate shifts are raison d’etre for police power exercise, to save the planet, according to proponents in Mayor Kelly’s office. The green crisis is “at the core of our brand, driving economic growth, improving public health, and increasing residents’ quality of life. *** [L]ong-standing disparities still exist ** with the potential to be further exacerbated by *** changing climate and aging infrastructure” (p. 3).  

The administration insists on inclusivity, a signal virtue among U.N. elites. “The Climate Action Plan is a community-wide roadmap for the future success and sustainability of our city, so everyone will play a part in achieving its goals.” Coercive, expropriate and deconstructive parts of the green agenda to exhaustively involve every last person exists in soft, generalized communitarianspeak.

In the FAQs, however, we take assurance that nothing about Climate Action Plan is coercive. “No aspect *** calls for mandates on an individual, family, business, church or other entity. All community-based work will be strictly voluntary. If there are specific items that any resident has a real or perceived threat to their privacy or personal freedoms, the City welcomes those comments so that they can be adequately addressed.”

Police abuses ignored

Mayor Kelly’s plans ignore continuing harm of policing. False arrest, profiling, misuse of the motor vehicle law at T.C.A. § Title 55, warrantless arrest are not a blight. The Kelly plan focuses on technical solutions rather than moral ones.

Sadie McElrath speaks in favor of the proposed ”climate action plan” in Chattanooga. (Photo YouTube)

One reform shifts away from gasoline-engine police cruisers. “Reducing the emissions in those neighborhoods will improve air quality, make neighborhoods cleaner, and create better quality of life for all Chattanoogans” (p. 28). A black 26-year-old male managed (arrested) under the city’s illegal general warrants practices will go to Silverdale detention center in a clean electric car, his cellphone signal confirming to the database that he is at the front intake desk.

Constitutional limits on government activity are not a part of the Climate change plan. Officials appear to realize they are not straightjacketed by constitutional limits or statutory requirements.

Mayor Kelly is participant in fraud in his role in the 2020 state of emergency that ended November 2021 and its demolition of local economy and free markets, and its imposition of martial law. The plan’s concessions to global agendas, inherited from Mayor Berke, are a breach of covenant among the people, their institutions and the state and its creatures, including municipal corporations. These oppressions are supported by the state’s key class of people: Attorneys. 

Mr. Berke, a lawyer, and Mr. Kelly, a car dealer and liberal Republican acolyte of green globalism, run parallel to the longstanding American Bar Association commitment to sustainable development. Filings in the State of Tennessee ex rel. David Tulis lawsuit expose these connections. 

Tennessee’s courts and the state executive branch are committed to abrogating the enjoyment of constitutional rights. The coup of Gov. Bill Lee on March 12, 2020, is fully supported by the state’s justices, and by the Republican and Democrat parties. Voters, according to election reports about balloting, kept Gov. Lee in office for a second term in November. 

Inventory = management = control

The plan is rich with the concept of cooperation and management, the main ideas that gave Dr. Schwab his start in 1971 as a convener of European corporate managers. A key concept is stewardship, with the concomitant duty of inventory control. Everything is to be counted in Chattanooga, whether musicians, artists, waterways, “forested tracts with high ecological and recreational value” or grand “champion trees.” Private houses will be surveiled to see if they need to be improved and made more efficient (p. 24). Repeatedly, we note, “Establish baseline, measure and report on progress.”

While the GHG inventories completed by the City for 2008 and commissioned by green|spaces for 2018 reflect that organic waste contributes a relatively small portion of the total community GHG emissions, the most recent inventory showed that the percentage increased from 0.4% to 0.5%, reflective of a growing population. Waste continues to be a concern as expressed by the community in many forums, and there are opportunities to reduce its share of overall GHG emissions. (p. 31)

The green religion operating in official circles in Chattanooga borrows from a medieval great chain of being heresy that posits God (top of staircase) and man are on the same continuum. Scripture, however, posits an uncrossable chasm between creature and Creator. (Photo Wikipedia)

Control is how the green agenda operates. Sri Lanka’s government blocked the use of fertilizers in farming, and collapsed national agriculture. The Dutch government is seizing farms to stop food production, prompting mass protests ignored by media. California green controls are responsible for forest fires, rolling blackouts and astronomic utility bills. Coercion is built into green, which appears to be the new red

Implicitly antinatalist

Internal tension in the plan pits population growth on one side and green idealism on the other. “GHG Inventory will rigorously define the sources of carbon in Chattanooga, from electricity and gas utility use, transportation and fleet-related emissions, landfill decomposition, wastewater treatment and other sources.” The city made GHG inventory in 2008 and 2018. The plan says the city will find “impactful ways to reduce carbon emissions, and it will create specific benchmarks for ongoing reporting of progress towards the carbon reduction goals”  (p. 26).

Mr. Kelly’s plan is anti-natalist, against birth and babies because it views man as a harm upon his environment. To “become a net-zero carbon community” is implicitly hostile to children, each of whom has mouth and exhales carbon dioxide. In the report children make fleeting appearance, as in a reference to “top employers” attracting workers and “lifting children out of poverty” by the plan’s “closing gaps between the two Chattanogas.” The capital of minds, hands and feet escape notice.

Drawing residents into ‘public’ life

Environmentalism strongly pulls residents into public events, with public considerations for its members’ review. People, groups and groupings become partners. Mr. Kelly wants to “incentivize greater public participation and adoption of new technologies and best practices.”

Officials and residents prioritize, categorize, implement, strategize, etc. as “partners.” Public-private are less and less distinct spheres, but the outer circle of the gyre. “Department administrators and staff will also support this effort through the definition and reporting of key performance indicators, all of which will help to inform ongoing progress monitoring and biennial GHG inventory efforts” (p. 57).

Free money

One reference to capitalization is in terms of the city’s access to Uncle Sam’s purse. “The Climate Action Plan also opens an unprecedented opportunity to capitalize on new federal funding sources” (p. 62).

The City has also received substantial federal grants for brownfield remediation, transportation infrastructure repair, and an integrated EV transportation management system, with the potential to secure even more funding as a future technology and innovation hub. (p. 6)

​​The prospect of free money will lure many people in Chattanooga into the philanthro-stakeholder orbit in Southeast Tennessee.

This plan will position the City to effectively and competitively take advantage of forthcoming federal funding opportunities through the Bipartisan Infrastructure Law and Inflation Reduction Act. (p. 27)

The city’s net worth is F$2.4 billion, much of it in illiquid infrastructure, says its 2021 comprehensive annual financial report. The control grid of “climate change” as it touches running of buildings will trim F$2 million in operational costs a year (p. 62).

Out of the scope of the climate action plan: Recognition that capital creation requires the existence of personal, economic and legal liberty. And that these cannot exist apart from the strength of Christianity, the basis and source of all concepts of public justice, equity and progress.

Council brings health disaster

Jab harms caused by the U.S. department of defense bioweapon project among Americans and populations of other countries. This chart is produced by Ed Dowd

City council’s track record of caring for the welfare of residents gets an F grade. The council accepts the federal department of defense “prototype countermeasures” project of inoculations starting December 2020 under a Tennessee state of emergency EO admitted in court to be a fraud as it lacks no basis in state law at T.C.A. 68-5-104.

Thus far, according to U.S. government data,108,000 people are dead from CV-19 shots, and 1.359 million people harmed, according to doctor and survivor filings with the FDA’s vaccine injury reporting system. I have not mined the VAERs platform for Chattanooga deaths. According to local business people, the workforce is being decimated by federal money and credits in local economy. More significantly, mass public health harms from the program sickening working-age people pass unnoticed, and are reported by Ed Dowd, author of Cause Unknown”: The Epidemic of Sudden Deaths in 2021 & 2022. 

City gets 39 ‘climate’ statements

This is the Chattanooga city council meeting March 21, 2023, in which 37 members of the public speak on the mayorally proposed “Climate Action Plan.” Start at 14:40


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