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Deputies shatter window over blinkered taillight, arrest Coonrod over weed

A deputy shouts at Ricky Coonrod in ordering him from his car in Chattanooga.

Ricky Coonrod arrest Chattanooga

CHATTANOOGA Tenn., Wednesday, Jan. 24, 2024 — The Ricky Coonrod arrest by Hamilton County sheriff’s office ignites a furor of indignation in Chattanooga and social media over cop violence premised on “a narcotics transaction.”.


City councilwoman Demetrus Coonrod denounces the seizure of her brother as “deeply troubling” that has left “emotional impacts” on him.

Marie Mott in an interview on NoogaRadio Netowork and on her show Tuesday says it is time to constrain cops and deputies by the law and that elected  officials must limit their regulation of travel only upon commercial operators and not private users. She says if she is elected mayor of Chattanooga she will work toward making the city a sanctuary city whose police will operate strictly within the scope of state law and the city charter.

These limits are in the law, and under an administrative notice to the city Feb. 20, 2018, that it has ignored without legal repercussions thus far under 42 U.S.C. 1983, civil rights.

Garrett defends arrest as drug case

Sheriff Garrett, in a press release posted by PIO Matt Lea, says detectives followed “the vehicle” and “observed [Mr. Coonrod] make two traffic violations. *** [P]atrol deputies in the area also responded” and “observed the suspect vehicle,” a black GMC Tahoe, on Germantown Road. 

A blinkered taillight is the pretext for the arrest; deputies noticed “”the tag lights were not functioning.” Deputies “initiated a traffic stop” on private property, the Kanku Gas station located in the 3600 block of Brainerd Road, Sheriff Garrett says.

Deputies ”made contact” with the “driver,” Mr. Coonrod, who showed them his driver license, but “was not able to provide the vehicle registration or proof of insurance.”

Registration and insurance are required of commercial operators of a motor vehicle, tough some parties deemed high risk for having failed to show proof of financial responsibility can be required to carry insurance, called SR-22 that comes with a special certificate required by departments of safety and/or revenue.

Sheriff Garrett describes shouted demand to get out of the car as “a lawful order to exit the vehicle, of which he refused multiple times.”

After numerous opportunities were given to Coonrod to exit the vehicle and deescalate the situation, he refused to follow the deputies’ lawful commands. At that time, deputies made the decision, after consultation with their supervisor, to use a glass break device to break the driver side window and remove the driver. Coonrod continued to resist arrest and was removed by deputies from the vehicle. Once out of the vehicle, he continued to resist and was drive-stunned by a taser by an East Ridge Police Officer. Once the taser application was utilized, compliance was achieved and Coonrod was taken into custody without further incident.

Deputies made “a lawful search” of the “vehicle” and found $1,372, in form of federal reserve notes and lawful currency, and marijuana. 

  • Tag Light Violation (TCA 55-09-0402)
  • Resisting Stop, Frisk, Halt, Arrest (TCA 39-16-0602
  • Felony Possession of Drugs (Resale) (TCA 39-17-0417)

The taillight law is for motor carriers and people in commerce. The resisting law is premised on the use of force and violence. Deputies and cops routinely use “sublethal force” by stun gun, or Taser, originally intended for use only to prevent the taking of an officer’s life. The shock weapons are routinely used to subdue people and force them to the tarmac in agony.

Transportation administrative notice Tennessee

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