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Judge skeptical that malice not behind Ray the Plumber prosecution for gun ownership

Jackie Cordell spiffs up beau Ray Rzeplinski’s tie in Hamilton County courthouse before he goes upstairs to criminal court for a hearing regarding his being prosecuted for owning weapons under claim he is a felon, and has always known it. (Photo David Tulis)

Ray Rzeplinski fights with a plugged kitchen sink at a house in Soddy-Daisy. (Photo David Tulis)

CHATTANOOGA, Tenn., Thursday, Jan. 18, 2024 — A vindictive Hamilton County prosecutor today gives detailed arguments to rebut criminal court judge Amanda Dunn’s strong suggestion that the prosecution of 2A plumber Ray Rzeplinski is over the top.

Judge Dunn is incredulous that Coty Wamp’s assistant, Nicole Evans, has added 57 additional felony charges to the indictment of Mr. Rzeplinski — a superseding indictment that comes into the case without any additional facts, and 6 months after a trial date had been set.

The charges are all that he is a felon in possession of firearms knowing he cannot legally own or control them. The defense is that he has always known he is not a felon based on cleansing treatment by government agencies, whether plumber’s license, concealed carry permit and retail purchases of firearms. 

The prosecutor says that it was a group decision to add the additional charges for all the weapons seized from Mr. Rzeplinski, implying that Miss Wamp is active in aiding the case.

Ben McGowan is defending Mr. Rzeplinski as a public defender, joined by a second lawyer from the noted Summers Rufolo law firm.

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