Law doesn’t rule in ‘rule of law’; source behind it does

U.S. Rep. Chuck Fleischmann of Chattanooga gives an interview on election night. (Photo David Tulis)

U.S. Rep. Chuck Fleischmann of Chattanooga gives an interview on election night. (Photo David Tulis)

Another new year, another year of thousands of so-called new laws? Is it because of what you hear almost daily, We live by the rule of law and not by the rule of man?

I believe just the opposite is true. We live by the rule of man, not by the rule of law. The big question is, what is the source of all the law we are faced with daily? It comes from nowhere but manmade legislatures. It is legislated manmade law.

By John Ballinger

If man is the source of law then we are ruled by man. To have the rule of law, the law would have to come from a source other (higher ) than man. The source is the actual ruler. Law is what the ruler uses to rule.

The source determines who or what rules. There are many, many articles, essays and books written on the subject of the separation of law and morals. In other words, the separation of man’s law from God’s law.  When you hear somebody say “We are ruled by law and not man,” that person does not have a real clue about what he is talking about.

When man makes a law or statute or rule that is contrary to God’s (moral) law, you must  choose whom you are going to obey. There is only one real source of law, God’s law moral law — natural law. Man can make law, statutes, rules, but they  must be based on the higher law not what man bases his law on. Man’s law is based on a philosophy called positivism.

Pulling back the veil

This philosophy teaches there is no higher source of law than man. This is the law and philosophy of law we are having too deal with today. If you doubt any of this it is because you have failed to educate yourself in the truth. Know the truth and the truth will set you free. There is no substitute for the truth and for the feeling of knowing you are truly free.

Some glaring examples of the rule of man. Banning the ten commandments. No Bible in schools  or other public places. No prayer in public. Same-sex marriage. Legalizing homosexuality. Murder of the unborn. 501(c)3 church corporations. This last is one vile, evil, wicked act of man using manmade law to destroy the church by incorporating God’s law into man’s law and is the very essence of man ruling over man.

The rule of law vs. the rule of man is a very vague concept that makes fools of men. What is actually being stated is the rule of God vs. the rule of man. There is no such a thing as the rule of law. Law does not rule. It’s the source of law that rules.

— John Ballinger, the Gnome of Strawberry Plains, 70, is a carpenter and pro se litigant who encourages constitutional government and a defense of personal liberties.

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