Judicial panel snuffs plea vs. kangaroo court judge in case

A****** T**** of Soddy-Daisy is fighting a reckless driving conviction by saying the Virginia uniform summons requires officers to deny victims their due process rights by making them fail to allege any of the four essential elements required to be identified and proven at trial. (Photo David Tulis)

A judicial ethics complaint letter by Tennessee artist A****** T**** against a judge who oversaw her reckless driving criminal trial in Virginia gets a final heave-ho in a second letter from the state’s judicial watchdog, the judicial inquiry and review commission. It had rejected out of hand her 13-point grievance about law violations and clearcut ethical lapses (like the judge’s conjuring up phantom evidence when he sentenced her and violating state law by denying a recording device). Now, it rejects a followup letter sent demanding details of further appeal against Smyth County district court judge Travis Lee. Troopers and judges in Virginia operate an approved highwayman program of threat and extortion. She is contesting the conviction at a new trial date set Sept. 28 in Marion. She plans to make appearance by brief, arguing the matter is entirely one of law and denial of due process.

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