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‘Don’t want exemption, exception’ unless all benefit, reporter tells judge

Working people like those in these duplexes on Jeb Lane off of Middle Valley Road in Chattanooga are those most harmed by abusive administration by department of revenue and all law enforcement of TFRA, the state’s financial responsibility law applicable only to people who have had a qualifying accident. The department says if these working people don’t send the commissioner F$65,000 by check, they must buy insurance to use the public road. (Photo David Tulis)

CHATTANOOGA, Tenn., Tuesday, Nov. 7, 2022 — In my bid to overturn abusive enforcement of the financial responsibility law in Tennessee against millions of motorists I am insisting on no special treatment or exemptions.

By David Tulis / NoogaRadio Network

Administrative court judge Brad Buchanan, head of the appeals section in the department of revenue, says he can grant a temporary injunction over my suspended tag. But he says I first should make it explicit in my notice of appeal that I am demanding a restoration of the privilege. The tag is evidence of a tax paid for the purpose of converting my 2000 Honda Odyssey minivan from an automobile or car into a motor vehicle, subject to Title 55, motor and other vehicles.

A 2000 Honda Odyssey minivan is parked outside as I head into work with hot coffee and T.C.A. § Title 55, motor and other vehicles as I report on a state-based fraud serving the insurance industry. (Photo David Tulis)

BUCHANAN “The only thing I can contemplate is the stay of execution on your revocation of registration. But you have to make a motion for that. But what I don’t see in your petition is a request that I restore your registration. Is that right that you are seeking, in whatever the appropriate venue is?

TULIS Yes, that is something that I am seeking. But I have as a representative of the public I have larger things than just my personal interest. It’s important for me that this issue can be fought, OK, that this issue can be settled, and I have no, I do not want to just have my registration restored.  That would not be proper, absent a finding about the law. I don’t want an exemption, I don’t want exception, Mr. Buchanan and Miss Cline. I don’t want any kind of favor to me. If I get it — if I get my registration restored, that’s because the department is being forced to understand what the statute says, and everybody will have benefit. I do not – since revocation has happened, and I’ve been injured — I have to have that in place [standing]. I will not give that up. I will not accept. And I would challenge any effort to give me back my registration absent a finding in the court, or the courts, that this is a barbaric abuse of the people in Tennessee *** that there is a recognition that that’s what the law really says.”

He will state his findings of fact and conclusions of law. “If I concluded that you are entitled to the restoration of your registration, I would explain my legal reasoning for that. So that is kinda part and parcel. But I can’t do one without the other.”

That is the only act he can do, is restore the registration, subject to judicial review in Davidson County chancery court. Right now I am choosing proposed dates for the next hearing that will get into the question of notice for deposition, motion to quash, and other pre-hearing matters of discovery.

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