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Corruption fighter Murphy jailed on TN probation count

Danny Murphy of Jackson, Tenn., cooks for neighbors in regular get togethers in which the patriotic American traveler loves to participate. (Photo Danny Murphy)

CHATTANOOGA, Tenn., Monday, Sept. 25, 2023 — A patrician 72-year-old Danny Murphy is arrested today on a warrant from his probation officer, 2 days before he was to report to the jail in Madison County, in West Tennessee, to serve a 26-day sentence after being convicted for driving on a suspended license.

 By David Tulis / NoogaRadio Network

“He got picked up on a completely separate deal, which is violation of community corrections,” says Christopher Sapp, midstate bureau chief for NoogaRadio Network. “Violation of probation. He got into some kind of trouble before, and for a reduced sentence he signed an agreement with the probation to keep his nose clean for X amount of months or X amount of years.”

“When he got picked up on June 25, he had Alex Camp represent him in city court, then he got bound over to the grand jury on 10 /26/21, a couple years ago. Now on Aug. 31 on this year, he got another citation for driving on suspended, with a scheduled hearing date coming up on Oct. 11 of 2023.”

Ill health accomodation

Confinement will damage his health, Mr. Murphy says in a draft petition for stay of execution of sentence he’d intended to file with the Tennessee court of appeals. He “has been taking prescription medications for a diabetic condition and high blood pressure for several years. Records that should exist with the Madison County Jail medical personnel show that Appellant’s blood pressure has been found to be high to very high and that he was deprived of his usual daily medications for some time. The jail’s policy does not permit prisoners to bring outside medications. Appellant’s prescribed medications are Metformin 500 mg. twice a day and Losartan 100mg. once a day, both prescribed by Dr. Gift Eze of Jackson, Tennessee. Appellant’s health could be damaged by lack of his daily medications” in jail.

Mr. Murphy asks leaves to give notice of appeal. He was late filing the notice of appeal — to stay the sentence, because he’d not been notified of the Sept. 5 final judgment in the case heard by a jury in Madison County circuit court. He learned of the final entry of the judgment 10 days later, bringing him up against the report-to-jail date, Mr. Murphy indicates.

Mr. Murphy proposes “in-home incarceration using an ankle monitor with digital fencing capabilities rather than jail incarceration would permit “continuity” of care without the potential for adverse health consequences which could be irreversible” and would be cruel and unusual punishment.”

Mr. Murphy has attempted to raise questions about citizenship requirements for grand jury members. A self-taught student of law, Mr. Murphy travels by right in a 2008 silver Chevy Malibu. Of late he has had a neighbor in the same retirement home, Brenda Gann, “drive” the car on errands for him.

Irregular paperwork Aug. 31, 2023, case

Danny Murphy is charged by Jackson police officer Seward who alleges he has “sovereign beliefs” because of his study of limits of Title 55, the Tennessee motor vehicle regulation. No judicial signature appears anywhere, and no swearing by the officer as to the truth of the alleged offense.

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