Virus adapts, adds to death amid mortality-by-jab spike as TN toll rises

Dr. Ralph Alvarado takes the oath as Tennessee health commissioner Jan. 16 in Nashville, taking little notice of the more than 100,000 Tennesseans who have perished from the mRNA jab project touted by Gov. Bill Lee, right. (Photo state government()

Mass death in Europe is a fruit of the American project in disaster capitalism. Says Igor Chudov:  “ Excess mortality in Europe has been elevated at about 15% since last spring. In December 2022, excess deaths frighteningly jumped to 30-35% above normal. Even Sweden, which avoided excess mortality in most of 2022, had 20% more deaths than expected in December. Has the vaccine-selected deadly Covid variant predicted by Geert Vanden Bossche finally arrived?”

Mr. Chudov, writing on Substack, proposes that variants in Covid-19 may need to account for deaths that some analysts attribute to the jab.

➤ Amid the war upon the people, localism gains traction as a concept. In Warren County, Tenn., Stacy Lee runs Private Ministerial Readiness Association on 334 East Main Street

McMinnville, watching more closely local elections and government, and adding people in a self-consciously local economy. “The answer to globalism is LOCALISM and our year-round completely local farmers market is growing,” she tells supporters today. “Order ONLINE Sunday through Tuesday, and pick up Thursday at 5:30 next to the water tower.”

➤ A new peer-reviewed study by Skidmore et al. was published in a prestigious journal, reports Mr. Chudov in a separate post. It commissioned a survey that asked people several questions about their Covid and vaccination experience. The survey was conducted during the previous winter, so it is based on 2021 experiences. It estimated, based on responses provided, that Covid vaccines killed 278,000 Americans.

Screen grab from a report of 2021 jab deaths.

➤ In the most expensive free product of all time, Pfizer colluded with the federal government to siphon off $100 billion dollars from the American taxpayer last year, in filings announced Tuesday by the drugmaker. $31 billion of that massive haul amounted to pure profit, which was up 43% from 2021, reports Jordan Schachtel on Substack. Almost $57 billion of those dollars came directly from grants delivered by the U.S. government for the mRNA shots and Pfizer’s Paxlovid horse pills, the Covid-19 “treatment” best known for its “Paxlovid Rebound” side effects.

F$100 billion gross proceeds

➤ People in Hamilton County are long skeptical about the jab promise of former mayors Andy Berke and Jim Coppinger, and the fog-bombing local media. The maximum population limit of 60 percent penetration was reached a year ago, January 2022, according to a graphic on the county health department website. On 9/5/22, three doses were given by the agency in a low update period beginning March 2021. The county has administered 520,089 doses of the Department of Defense issued product. Among county residents, 56 percent have been treated.

➤ The deadline has passed for Pfizer to submit the results of a study exploring the frequency of heart inflammation following receipt of the company’s COVID-19 vaccine, Epoch Times reports.

Pfizer was required by the FDA to conduct multiple studies on its vaccine after the FDA approved the shot in August 2021 because regulators determined that without the studies, there would not be sufficient data to assess the “known serious risks of myocarditis and pericarditis,” or heart inflammation and a related condition.

Regulators were also concerned about the potential risk of subclinical myocarditis, or heart inflammation without typical symptoms.

Hundreds of young people are dying from CV-19 inoculations that attack the heart, blood and vital organs.

The FDA told Pfizer to carry out six studies, with various deadlines for completion and reporting final results to the agency. The first final deadline arrived on Dec. 31, 2022.

➤  Former NFL linebacker Jessie Lemonier died one day before his 26th birthday, presumptively of the CV-19 jab. His death latest in a seemingly endless string of young professional athletes who have either died suddenly or collapsed. It is not known if Lemonier received the COVID vaccine, the NFL forced players to receive the shot via coercive measures to gain a 95% player vaccination rate.  

Data Pfizer intended to hide 75 years is mined for damning details of intentional harm.

➤ Word is getting out from independent media about drug industry cooperation with the deadline CV-19 jab project. More than 3,000 people with medical backgrounds  from The War Room/DailyClout Pfizer Documents Analysis Project have published  new eBook exploring Pfizer primary source documents that were released by FDA under a court order.

According to the book, Pfizer knew during the clinical trial that its COVID-19 mRNA drug was harmful on a large scale, could be shed from person to person, and even contributed to deaths. However, Pfizer, FDA ad the CDC, backed by mainstream media, blocked publication of these details.

“The Pfizer Reports eBook provides an extensive analysis of the primary source Pfizer clinical trial documents to the public. The reports show that Pfizer knew during the trial that its COVID-19 mRNA drug was harmful on a large scale, could be shed from person to person, and even contributed to deaths,” says Amy Kelly, Project Manager of the Pfizer document investigations team. “People who took this medication were not fully informed about its harms prior to receiving it, so one of the core tenets of medicine – informed consent for patients – was grossly violated.”

Yasmin Vossoughian

➤ The Epoch Times reports that MSNBC anchor An MSNBC anchor Yasmin Vossoughian was hospitalized with heart inflammation in December, leading her to miss work for about a month.

Yasmin Vossoughian said that the health scare started on Dec. 20 when she started to experience chest pains that “waxed and waned over a period of 10 days.” Those pains “continued to get worse.” The anchor, who hosts a weekend program on the left-wing network, said she went to urgent care on Dec. 30 and was told she had acid reflux. A day later, she woke up with severe chest pains and pain in her left shoulder, leading her to believe she was suffering from a heart attack.

Vossoiughian, 44, said she went to the emergency room. Doctors diagnosed her with pericarditis, or inflammation of the lining of the heart. They claimed it was caused by “a literal common cold,” she said.

Criminal admission?

➤ In a few seconds, Bill Gates admits the jabs don’t work, even though he earned many of millions in profits peddling them.

The following datapoints of a global disaster – one affecting Tennessee and Chattanooga – are compiled by Steve Kirsch of the Vaccine Safety Research Foundation. The link to the story in which this is found is here.

MIT Professor Retsef Levi calls for a halt to the COVID mRNA vaccines.

➤  The vaccine isn’t as effective as the NEJM led you to believe

Large Cleveland Clinic study shows the more you vaccinate yourself, the greater the risk of getting COVID. Whoops!

A New Zealand funeral director noticed 95% of his cases died within 14 days of the shot. I spoke directly with Brenton. He lives in the middle of a retirement community. This is the very age that is supposed to be protected by the shots. Average age is 70+. His records can be verified. Any takers?

Embalmer Anna Foster found that 93% of her cases had telltale rubbery clots. How can anyone explain that? She is hardly alone… 80% of embalmers surveyed report seeing these new style blood clots; they have never been seen before the COVID vaccines rolled out.

Southwest airlines: Pilot deaths have increased 5X after the vaccines rolled out and disability shot up by 10X normal. Pilots are among the healthiest people on the planet.

Geriatric practice: I finally found a large geriatric practice of 1,000 patients, 75% are over 65. Their normal death rate is 11 per year (the mean). In 2022, they had 39 deaths for the entire year. They attribute the 28 excess deaths to the vaccine. If it wasn’t the vaccine, someone needs to explain to us what is killing these people because whatever it is, it needs to be IMMEDIATELY stopped. They can’t go public for fear of retribution.

Savo Island Cooperative (Berkeley, CA): Roughly 150 people. No deaths for 5 years before COVID; 0 in 2020; 1 in 2021; 3 in 2022 and they were all vaccinated and boosted (plus 3 strokes and 4 heart attacks). Reported to me by Jane Stillwater last night at an event I spoke at. Nobody at the event could recall any success anecdotes.

Ed Dowd mentions the vaccines have killed 800K Americans and disabled 4X as many as killed, 3.2M since the vaccine program began.

Josh Stirling looked at how cities in the US did in 2022 vs. 2021. So it’s a longitudinal study where you compare the city with itself one year ago. This is the best way to see what is going on… did your mortality increase or decrease. Check this out: cities with higher vaccination had larger all-cause mortality increases than cities with lower vaccination rates. In other words, the line goes the “wrong way.” This is devastating for the narrative, but of course consistent with what the death reports are saying. The R2 doesn’t need to be .9 for this to be convincing. They are correlated and it’s the slope of the line that is significant. The slope is the wrong way. That’s the point.

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