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Angry citizens organize for long-term fight vs. CV-19 statist quo

Taylor Brown, left, fired from Parkridge Medical Center East for keeping a bare face, speaks with other moms while children wait at a meeting to plan a CV-19 protest at Wired coffee bar. The protest Thursday evening is at the school board, where chin diaper orders remain in effect to dehumanize and depersonalize children for their own safety. (Photo David Tulis)

CHATTANOOGA, Tenn. — An enthusiastic group of nearly 90 people get pep talks tonight from boosters of the human face and of local economy liberties — all suppressed by mask mandates and the CV-19 medico-terror state imposed by Republican Gov. Bill Lee.

By David Tulis / NoogaRadio 92.7 FM

“He goes to town berating me,” says Rhonda Smith, recounting how a Great Clips manager trashed a proposed haircut visit for one of her seven children. “You will never come in my store — never — without a mask,” the manager bellowed. “CDC says 2 years and older, and that’s what I require.”

Jen Oakley Schafluetzel of Free State Protect Tennessee describes a growing interest in organizing protest and activism against local government, scoffing at the term “leaders” often applied to elected public servants on city council and county commission.

Pamela Fleenor is a chancery judge who refuses to act on an emergency petition for writ of mandamus requiring Gov. Bill Lee to obey the epidemics statute. Her unjust rulings have prolonged the lawless state of emergency and allowed the medical establishment to begin a dangerous inoculation project with experimental drugs not approved by the U.S. government.

Local people can become “digital warriors,” a task that can be time consuming. “I worked all day” promoting an end to the CV-19 stagnation, she says, “and I actually have a job. You gotta get into your God mode” when fighting to end widespread acceptance of a shuttered economy.

Her group supplies material published by Gary Humble and his group Tennessee Stands, which has several chapters and a presence on Facebook. She has researched the pandemic support structure, including groups, donors and supporters of the CV-19 statist quo. “When people say cabal, we found that today,” she says of the day’s reading. 

The event is promoting a protest Thursday at the Hamilton County school board meeting. Hamilton County School Board is in a razor-wire protected military-style compound at 3074 Hickory Valley Road in  Chattanooga. Lisa Willard 488-0278 is on FB at Free the Smiles: Parental Choice Matters.

Jen Schafluetzel and Glenda Pappu speak to fed-up voters about local officials participating in the fraudulent CV-19 state of emergency. (Photo Hayden Couvillon)

Glenda Pappu is another organizer bringing the crowd to Wired coffee bar in Ooltewah. She envisions numerous sorts of projects men and women can put forth, including flash mobs at stores that enforce mask edicts in southeast Tennessee.

The broader agenda includes support for local farmers, boosting small local business oppressed mask Karens and fear of authorities, inviting state Rep. Robin Smith to tell “her side” of her vote against parental rights regarding inoculations. No one in Hamilton County has any obligation to obey an official diktat apart from a search warrant or a court order. The state of emergency is a fraud and is being litigated in the court of appeals in Knoxville.

Mrs. Pappu wants to “bring people together” and to have them “moving forward. We cannot let them get us down.”

Her list of desiderata for regaining local control is eliminating skanky and hackable Dominion voting machines in Hamilton County. One of the people attending the meeting, Mark Raphenburg, believes that at a minimum 15 percent of voting in any election is fraudulent.

Mrs. Smith says local moms and dads are developing “naughty and nice” list of stores and companies. Some toe the establishment line of dread and sickness. Other invite open faces and community gatherings. 

Among the unfriendly businesses named are Panera Bread, Southside Pizza, chicken joint KFC and Burlap coffee shop.

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