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You are free, constitution exists — IF you act as if you believe it

This is a scene from the ShootaNooga rap video by DBlokk Jmac — Welcome to Shootanooga. When I watch this video, full of profanity and vile language, I think of one thing: The work of the gospel, and the great area of the city awaiting redemption, salvation, God’s grace, of men moving by God’s grace from judgment to restoration.

Perhaps I’m being over hasty in reporting the demise of constitutional government. A man who is free will live as a free man, and a confident man under God’s Providence, even though all around him people are staggering, friends are dying, businesses lie in CV-19 ruins.

 By David Tulis / Noogaradio 92.7 FM

A man who believes he has constitutional rights will assert them and stand on them as if they existed. A man who does not believe that he has them, or does not know about them, will not defend them and will not use them to assert himself. 

A free man will live as if he were free and is if the law existed to defend him. A man who is not free will live according to what he believes he has, and will bow and scrape and report and yield at every turn, because he thinks he must. The man who lives with the capital of freedom will assert it and buy big. The man who believes he has only debts — only obligations — will live in the red accordingly.

A free man living as one of the free people and what the Tennessee constitution says under a “free government” will live accordingly and with a wealth of confidence in his heritage and his capital base.

He is right to ask proper question of the officer. 

And that proper line of questions is:

Officer what facts can you relate to explain why you stopped me. Did you see me commit a crime? Did you see me commit a public offense? Do you know who I am?  Well, if you don’t know who I am, don’t have a warrant for my arrest, why you stopping me and asking questions of me? Am I free to leave?

Do you have a warrant for my arrest? Do you have a warrant to search this car? What makes you believe that I’m here without a proper reason? I don’t understand what you are saying. And, no, I don’t answer questions.

These are the questions that a free man asks to maintain his freedom and to avoid living in a spirit of fear, which is contagious. 

Will such an encounter anger — or inspire a Chattanooga police officer? 

An officer who meets such a person may actually be heartened to have done so. All day he has met with people who are cowering and fearful who know nothing about their rights. He meets people who are mean, crude, loud, illiterate, boorish, suspicious, hostile and downright ugly.

He knows few true and proper Americans. So it is encouraging to  The officer to meet someone who stands up for his rights. 

The cop may not like it. But if he is a good man and a good American, he knows that the strength of the country lies in that spirit, expressed by the person in the car next to which he stands street side.

The officer has to have an articulable reason for stopping you. He cannot just randomly stop you or order you to the side of the street. There has to be an articulable reason. Under the original law, he has to have probable cause.

Cancer of fear

Says Franklin Sanders, publisher of Moneychanger in Middle Tennessee:

No one much seems concerned about the loss of freedoms wrapped up in these totalitarian quarantine restrictions and lockdowns.  Without whine or whimper Americans have simply relinquished  their ancient rights to free travel, assembly, and religious worship.  How many of these new rules will become permanent?  Will it be mandatory vaccination with a half-baked vaccine, or forced medication?

In  Paradise Lost John Milton describes the first time Satan spies Adam and Eve and conceived his plan to ruin them.  He grasps his own cruelty against their beauty and splendor, but still resolves to pursue his scheme.  Milton comments, “So spake the Fiend, and with Necessity, the tyrant’s plea, excused his  devilish deeds.”  Necessity is always and everywhere the rationalization tyrants use to curtail human freedom.  William Pitt the Younger said, “It is the argument of tyrants; it is the creed of slaves.”

It is not necessary to spin conspiracy theories about one world government to predict with certainty that governments  will always use every crisis to extend and expand their control.  Think 9/11 and the Patriot Act, the capstone on the US financial police state that had been building for 35 years.  No matter what the circumstances, eternal vigilance is the price of liberty, and it is  no crime to resist unconstitutional laws because they are nullities from the beginning.

Especially baffling has been the churches’  acquiescence.  I understand using the means providentially provided for our safety, but I  also remember that previous plagues were always characterized by people crowding into  divine services pleading for God’s mercy.  Will we not celebrate the greatest feast of Christianity, Easter, with Holy Communion?  Don’t we have a duty to work this out, rather than just give up?

Finally, I cannot emphasize too often how y’all must guard your hearts from despair and  fear.  I have known people who literally destroyed their own peace worrying about all the terrible things that might happen.  Most of them never happened, but what if they do?  What if the entire economy tanks, collapses, implodes, and corona virus takes out ever third person?

Worst come to worst, I’ll buy me a tin bill and peck dirt with the  chickens.

Eternal things are eternal still.  People will still be falling in love and marrying and  having babies and making lives for themselves.  Love is one of those eternal things which cannot be shaken, because love originates outside time and space in the heart of the Most Holy Trinity.  Love never fails.

Everything in this transitory world may be shaken, and will.  We may even die, but that’s not the worst thing that can happen to you or your beloved.  The worst thing, the only disaster, is to be separated forever from the love of God in Christ Jesus.  As long as you have that, nothing really bad can happen.

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