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UTC prof, student ‘found dead’ as jabs fell 899 in TN

Dr. Mark Schorr, right, is honored at a sporting event at UTC. (Photo UTC)

A professor’s dead body is found in Holt Hall at UTC in a second reported mystery death at a campus whose authorities imposed mask mandates and other policy measures and heavily propagandized big pharma products among students and faculty.

By David Tulis / NoogaRadio Network

Dr. Mark Schorr taught the department of biology, geology and environmental science. He started work at UTC in 1994, and was highly regarded. His death was not deemed to have come from a crime, and police declined to investigate the corpse.

The widely regarded professor had obtained many grants and put research into more than 90 peer-reviewed publications, presentations and reports. He also was curator of zoological collections at the university.

Dr. Schorr’s research was supported by numerous grants and led to more than 90 peer-reviewed publications, presentations, and scientific/technical reports. He also curated two zoological collections for the UTC natural history museum.

Universities and the medical establishment in Tennessee are not moved by the minimum death estimate from the janky DNA treatments, that being 36,859 people based on VAERS reporting of 899 deaths

UTC is insulated from the larger world and science, which may serve to protect it from the growing effects worldwide of the shots-in-all-arms siege of staff and students. UTC spokesman Chuck Wasserstrom is being asked whether the university has had a first jab harm, or a first jab death. UTC is an enthusiastic participant in what Gov. Bill Lee admits in court filings is a fraud arising from his refusal to obey T.C.A. § 68-5-104, the key infectious disease law requiring a determination to be made of any outbreak of a sickness into an epidemic.

Dr. Mark Schorr department of biology, geology and environmental science. (Photo UTC)

As the state made no determination of the source or nature of SARS-CoV-2, and did not participate in any effort to isolate the alleged virus, its mitigation efforts appear to be without basis in science, just as the Covid-19 state of emergency has no basis in law for its use of police powers.

Hamilton County government, led by Mayor Jim Coppinger and county commission chairman Sabrena Smedley have ignored a remonstrance my 105 residents demanding an end to the county’s role after injecting 200,000 people, none of whom received proper informed consent as to the dangers of the product.

Bizarre deaths of otherwise healthy people are becoming a trend at UTC, reports suggest. On March 23 a student was found dead in a campus apartment after what is called a “routine room safety check.” No foul play was alleged. The university has kept the student’s name a secret. Yancy Freeman, a vice chancellor for enrollment management and student affairs, said he was “saddened to report the death of one of our students. The student was found to be non-responsive in their on-campus apartment.”

UTC is filled with scholars, yet none have thought to examine whether the Covid-19 “pandemic” is a danger to the public. Statistics self-reported to the FDA indicate the shot is the most devastating industrial medical product ever sold in an act that has yet to receive criminal retribution from attorneys general in the 50 states or Washington, D.C. (Graphic OpenVaers)

Relator’s query for UTC

This radio reporter is the state of Tennessee’s relator in a 683-day-old lawsuit to overturn Gov. Lee’s leadership in medical an legal fraud in the so-called Covid-19 pandemic. His questions Monday to Mr. Wasserstrom:

1. Has the university suffered its first jab or vaccine injury?

2. Its first vaccine-caused death among students or staff?

3. Are there any protocols in place for students to register a vaccine injury, other than VAERS, the FDA website for vaccine adverse events?

4 Are there safety protocols in place for jab harms once a person starts having them — ones that baffle doctors and appear to have no known cause?

5. Does the university brass know how many cases have been reported to VAERS from among Tennessee residents, as they have actively promoted the experiment?

6. Will the university insist that the medical examiner, Dr. James Metcalfe, investigate the death pursuant to T.C.A. § 38-7-108?

The law that forbids a coverup of Covid jab deaths is intended to warn of impending medical harm or sickness, and requires reports be filed with Dr. Metcalfe.

38-7-108(a)(1), “Death under suspicious, unusual or unnatural circumstances,” states,

“Any physician, undertaker, law enforcement officer, or other person having knowledge of the death of any person from sudden violence or by casualty or by suicide, or suddenly when in apparent health, or when found dead, or in prison, or in any suspicious, unusual, or unnatural manner, or where the body is to be cremated shall immediately notify the county medical examiner or the district attorney general, the local police, or the county sheriff, who in turn shall notify the county medical examiner.” Deaths in licensed health care facilities (e.g., hospitals or nursing homes) need not be reported unless there are suspicious, unusual or unexpected circumstances.

Bradley deputy dies mysteriously

Bradley County deputy Jamie Harris, dead all of a sudden with no known cause

Elsewhere in the region, mysterious “excess deaths,”as the insurance industry calls them, are cropping up.

 Jamie Harris was a Bradley County sheriff’s office court security officer who died suddenly without explanation early on a Sunday morning, May 1, says a report by TV-9 in Chattanooga. “A veteran of law enforcement, Deputy Harris wore the Bradley County Sheriff’s Office badge every day, with pride. He was faithfully dedicated to his duties and will surely be missed. Our thoughts and prayers are with the Harris family during this time.”


The insurance industry reported in January 40 percent “excess deaths” among policyholders, with extraordinary payout levels.

36,859 TN shot deaths minimum

Eight hundred and ninety-nine people are dead in Tennessee in the Covid-19 shots program, which are denied approval by the FDA. That figure is anywhere from 41 to 100 times greater due to the underreporting factor at VAERS. The harm data underreports actual harms, which can calculated. Steve Kirsch from the Vaccine Safety Research Foundation, using all available data sets, calculates the harm at 41x greater that actual figures due to underreporting factors. The Harvard-Pilgrim study of the URF puts the tally at 100x.

The range of jab deaths — with Pfizer and others getting legal immunity so long crime is not alleged or shown — in Tennessee, therefore, at 899 admitted deaths, is between 36,859 people or 89,900 men, women and children.

The shots are doing exactly what they are designed to do, affecting even the developers.

Quadruple vaxxed Pfizer CEO Albert Bourla says Monday he has Covid, and he is “thankful” to have had the jabs.

“I would like to let you know that I have tested positive for #COVID19. I am thankful to have received four doses of the Pfizer-BioNTech vaccine, and I am feeling well while experiencing very mild symptoms. I am isolating and have started a course of Paxlovid,” Bourla says.

State jab harm data passes 12,000 events

This report from OpenVAERSs under reports Tennessee deaths by a factor between 41x and 100x. In Tennessee there have been 12,554 injuries since December 2020 in the most dangerous medical product in the history of mankind. (Graphic OpenVaers)

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