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NoogaRadio shifts Tulis Report to morning

The NoogaRadio Network is at 6025 Lee Highway, Suite 449, Chattanooga, 37412. People who support my work can send me a check directly, payable to me personally in support of my courtroom battle to end Covid-19 fraud and constitutional overthrow. They also are free to use my fundraising page at GoFundMe to end the administrative biosecurity terror state. (Photo NoogaRadio Network)

CHATTANOOGA, Tenn., Aug. 13, 2022 — My news and analysis show Tulis Report is shifting to 8 o’clock mornings to serve a fresh listening audience after having aired afternoons for many years.

By David Tulis / NoogaRadio 96.9 FM

The show about local economy and free markets is at NoogaRadio Network that includes four radio stations. They are 96.9 FM (Chattanooga), 99.7 FM (Ooltewah, Apison, Collegedale), 107.5 (North Georgia) and 107.3 (Cleveland).

The change begins Tuesday and continues coverage of the U.S. crackup and government-caused breakdown of national economy. I focus on how local people might best respond to worsening economic and political conditions, starting with a Christian revival and a renewed sense of identification with their hometown and home county.

The theory behind the 10-year-old show is local economy and free markets, a concept suggested in my five maxims: Near is better than far, small than big, simple than complex; and, in the footnotes, at 5-point type, in the neutral Helvetica or Geneva font, personal is better than corporate, and physical than abstract.

I argue for the rule of law, constitutional and statutory restraint upon police and law enforcement, the end of commercial government, private living as opposed to corporate and public existence, reformation and reconstruction in the church among God’s elect, the necessity of a great reckoning in the U.S. proper as the many evils of its government around the imperium meet their due recompense at home, with the citizenry feeling national government’s wrath, hatred and incompetence as have people and nations around the Civil War.

Centralization induces apoplexy at the center and paralysis at the extremities.


Among the particular reforms I call for in detail are that of motor vehicle law abuse and rejection of the warrantless arrest law in violation of the Tennessee constitution. The radio report and this website provide specific legal solutions to faulty criminal prosecutions and the overlording judicial-industrial complex.

I establish that every indictment in the state can be challenged as unconstitutional, that traffic stops are almost always abusive and outside legal authority, and that the bar and courts work hand in hand to maintain a system of oppressive commercial government harassment of innocent private parties suffering the operation of judicial and legal presumption. The two best ways to fight back. Say “No!” and “Show me your authority.”

Among the other areas of coverage: The World Economic Forum, communitarianism, stakeholder capitalism, the rights of remonstrance, the right to life, sky striping, CV-19 fraud, my 2-year-old petition for writ of madamus to halt the state of emergency starting March 12, 2020, the armed citizenry, farming, the doctrines of interposition and nullification, Christian reconstruction, Christian resistance, judicial reform, crooked judges, peacemaking, prisons, surveillance and other topics rising in the daily local headlines.

The show’s favorite maxim is “Centralization induces apoplexy at the center and paralysis at the extremities” adapted from Lamenais.

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