‘Let every man be armed’ a concept that boosts local economy, autonomy

Memorial Hospital in Chattanooga is a gun-free zone, and so it had a terrorism practice Wednesday in which the only defense was flight and barricade. (Photo wdeftv.com)

Memorial Hospital in Chattanooga is a gun-free zone, and so it had a terrorism practice Wednesday in which the only defense for participants was flight, locked doors and barricades. (Photo wdeftv.com)

Tommy Wiggonton of Memorial Hospital says had a drill Wednesday been real, 30 people would have been slain. That same day, Muslims slaughtered 14 in San Bernardino, Calif. (Photo Wdef.com)

Tommy Wiggonton of Memorial Hospital says had a drill Wednesday been a real “active shooter” event, 30 people would have been killed. The day of Memorial’s exercise, faithful Muslims taking personal initiative in jihad slaughtered 14 people in San Bernardino, Calif. (Photo Wdef.com)

By David Tulis

The slaughter of 14 state workers and the wounding of 21 during a Christmas party in San Bernardino, Calif., by two devout Muslims highlights the problem of centralization in the lethal force.

California is a state in which bearing arms is severely restricted, despite protections in the 2nd amendment of the federal constitution. No one in the room with Riswan Farook or his bride Tashfeen Malik was armed and able to fire back. The state has sucked dry most resources for lethal self-defense.

The professionalization of peace keeping started in the 1830s with the official deputization of townspeople, according to legal historian Roger Roots. Later rose the modern state with its wars of adventure, industrial national economy and centralization in state and federal capitals. Because of these developments Chattanoogans are like millions of people elsewhere in the country: Helpless by the loss of common access to lethal force and dependent on the state for personal safety.

We have effectively delegated the use of lethal force to police and sheriff’s departments. A man’s personal safety is barely in his hands in the event of a mass murderer, mass shooter or terrorist. He must rely on the eventual arrival of officers who rush to the scene.

Local economy surprise

In Hamilton County 24,500 people carry concealed firearms, and across Tennessee nearly 525,000 people have concealed carry permits.
Chattanooga’s police department has 486 sworn officers and 103 support staff. The sheriff’s department employs 425 people of all kinds. East Ridge, Red Bank and other towns in the county also have police departments.

If we assume 911 people in these agencies are protecting the public, we calculate that concealed carry permit holders in the county outnumber cops 27 to 1.

You are more likely to be saved in a shootout by an armed citizen on the scene than by an officer responding to an emergency call.
In other words, local economy and free market is more likely to provide a quick solution to the mad gunman than the centralized systems of either sheriff or police department.

Apoplexy at the center

The insight of Lamennais about centralization is remarkable, that centralization brings apoplexy at the center and paralysis at the extremities.
The national government is apoplectic, if we judge by how it is handling its role as ostensible protectors of the people. And in the extremities, paralysis.

➤ The establishment is following President Obama’s lead in making the causes of Muslim jihad enigmatic, mysterious. Only with gingerness are the FBI and investigative agencies allowing themselves to call the San Bernardino attacks terrorism. But even that definition seems misdirected. Terrorism appears a wrong label. Jihad is a more accurate and helpful label, but seems outside the government’s category. Terrorism is the category because it allows for the U.S. to apply similar muscle against Arabs and domestic critics. The U.S., to defend Mr. Obama’s categories, is being obscurantist and obfuscatory; the Muslim killers’ motives are perplexing, inscrutable, abstruse. President Obama’s hemming and hawing this week about San Bernardino are nothing less than astounding. Seizure at the center.

➤ Chattanooga’s firsthand experience with Muslim jihad remains a mystery six months after the July 16 killing of five federal military people by a devout follower of Mohammad, Mohammad Abdulazeez, son of a city engineer. Mr.

Abdulazeez called Muslims who waged jihad in earlier generations “the best human beings that ever lived” other than the prophets. He downloaded recordings of Anwar al-Awlaki, the American-Yemeni cleric who recruited for al-Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula until he was killed in a 2011 airstrike, according the Washington Post’s military blog, Checkpoint. Since Mr. Abdulazeez’ motives were unknown and he had no known link to a Mideast terror cell, the slain military people aren’t in line for Purple Heart honors. Apoplexy in central nervous system.

➤ Not only does the U.S. refuse to see jihad in the U.S. and shift focus to the villainy of gun ownership, it wants to criminalize free speech directed against Mohammadanism. Attorney General Loretta Lynch says she will take tough action against the “incredibly disturbing rise of anti-Muslim rhetoric” and on Thursday told a Muslim group that “we stand with you.” She promises the Justice Department will protect Muslims from “violence” and discrimination. “When we talk about the First Amendment we [must] make it clear that actions predicated on violent talk are not American. *** They are not who we are, they are not what we do, and they will be prosecuted.” Nervous tic at the center.

➤ On Friday the U.S. announced it is opening all front-line military positions to women. This follows the egalitarian and Marxist attack on the family, on the distinction in creation between man and woman, and is another way that the U.S. seeks to impose, by policy and policy backtrack, a reversal of Christendom. Defense secretary Ash Carter’s decision will prompt debate now over whether the selective service system now should require women to register for the draft. Self-destruction at the center, paralysis at the extremities.

The U.S. will take every opportunity to confuse the real safety and security picture. Its definition of the Muslim threat varies depending on its given theater of operation. Overseas it negotiates with terrorist groups and funds them. It pretends to want to overthrow Syria’s moderate Muslim boss, Assad, to defend the Syrian people, many of whom are fleeing U.S. terrorist allies. Domestically, the Muslim terrorist threat justifies the police state. Yet nasty comments on Facebook against Muslims prompt warnings of persecution against red-blooded Americans whose resentment against Washington deepens every month.

We may be unhappy to be witnessing a progressive national suicide. But the demise of the American national framework, though it promises to be bloody and disastrous for millions of dependents, bodes well for those people here and elsewhere who are working toward local economy, free markets and a more godly and humane mode of existence. If you want to learn more about the shape of this future from an important writer, Charles Hugh Smith, get the book Resistance, Revolution, Liberation[;] A Model for Positive Change (2012).

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