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City contempt for people persists as it ignores legal notice on police abuse

Many Americans are proud of police, and believe they are part of liberty, conservative values, peace in the city and the constitution. Such sentiment is at its height at graduation ceremonies such as this one for Chattanooga police department cadets. (Photo CPD)
Chattanooga police officer seek to ingratiate themselves with African-American children in an attempt to make good for decades of harassment akin to pre-civil war slave patrols, such harassment routinely using Tenn. Code Ann. § Title 55, motor and other vehicles. (Photo CPD)
With little law training, graduates of the city police academy take part in a lineup of sorts, a triumphant one in which they become police officers in Chattanooga, serving the mayor, Tim Kelly. (Photo CPD)

One candidate for city council understands an abuse OK’d by city council and imposed upon the people by Mayor Tim Kelly.

By David Tulis / NoogaRadio Network

And that is misuse of the police department in breach of constitutional rights to travel and to be free of effective bills of harms and penalties against innocent people. That means, innocent people not subject to privilege enforcement are not subject to police powers’ enforcing the motor vehicle and trucking law on people not involved in the hauling business.

Meaning, most people – 80 percent of people using the public road – are not subject to traffic stops that are almost always conducted under legal presumption that the officer insists upon, the sessions court insists upon – that the citizen does not properly resist.

The city has been under Tennessee Transportation Administrative Notice since Feb. 20, 2018, or 1,631 days ago, with no action, and all officers personally liable for harming people if acting in violation of state law.

Marie Mott has a hugely popular show on the NoogaRadio Network. (Photo David Tulis)

The candidate is Marie Mott, facing a runoff election in five weeks in Chattanooga. Miss Mott was a leader in the George Floyd protests in Chattanooga.

The presumption of police authority upon both categories of traveler is universal. There are two categories. Those subject to privilege requirements under state law. And, secondarily, those who aren’t. 

It is enculturated in Tennessee and the other 49 states that no person can travel on the public right of way except it be in commerce. Young people are taught that all travel is by permission, and that one must apply for and obtain the privilege of being able to drive, and there is nothing else one can do with a car. All one can do in a car is drive it, or operate it.

But, as a matter of right, travel by car is lawful, harmless, innocuous and innocent, and not subject to the “bills of pains and penalties” by which police and deputies (and troopers) harass the innocent public. The legal concept of “pains and penalties” are part of a prohibited practice in constitutional states like Tennessee, that is “bills of attainder.” A bill of attainder punishes a category of people as a matter of law, prior to any trial. Attainders are a tyrant’s tool.

So powerful has been the propaganda of commercial government that 18,000 teens are reported today to have taken their driver license test online, that option having become available on May 16. Young people between 15 and 17 taken their written knowledge test online under a proctor supervision (parent or guardian) via a proctor ID app. 

Says commissioner Jeff Long, “The department seeks to find innovative ways to serve Tenneseans better.”

Chattanooga police officers make friends with future suspects while they are young, impressing them with blue motorbikes, smiles and friendly chitchat. (Photo CPD)

Popsicles a cold, hard fact

The police department also has had outreach programs to soften its image and wow future suspects in poor districts, such as with its popsicles with a cop project. Noted on Facebook:

Over the last few weeks of summer vacation, the Chattanooga Police Department has partnered with J103 Radio to share Popsicles with a Cop at area youth development centers. Officers from various divisions of the department and all across the city have had a chance to cool down with the youth of our community while enjoying refreshing popsicles! Children from John A. Patten and Tyner YFDs also got a chance to explore motor units with our Traffic and Patrol Divisions.

Without reforms as hinted at during Mayor Kelly’s campaign, all the police’s playing hoops in the hood and hosting popsicle events for 7-year-olds at the curb by the church are so much PR and marketing. 

Is Mayor Kelly content with PR and marketing? Will I have to sue the city for violating the rights of the people, under unrebutted notice? Right now I am in court with the governor, a despotic Republican who rejects limited government and free markets in principle, and favors martial law and emergency police power without a lawful warrant or reason. 

When I am done with that case, will I have to sue people on city council and the mayor’s office for willfully and knowingly and intentionally acting to cause me to be falsely arrested? Have these people read the Tennessee oppression statute?

If notice has been given, there is no excuse for the principle whose agents are knowingly and intentionally violating law, presumably under custom and usage, when the law does not allow the privilege law to be expanded for enforcement beyond those making a living according to the terms of the privilege.

Also, significantly, the driver license law is administered by the department of safety. So is the mandatory insurance law. The registration law is administered by the department of revenue. Revenue’s only agent in the county is county clerk Bill Knowles. There is no other agent in the city or county for enforcement or administration of these two provisions in Title 55. 

An open records request for any contract, covenant, delegation order, agreement, MOU or other ratification of such service came up empty. Why? Because in American law power is granted, it is given; it cannot be delegated.

City cops are poachers, generating business for themselves in traffic cases, not personal inurements (as might those be said to do in the Epistles, in Paul’s reference to those in the “household of Caesar), but for gain of their municipal and corporate master. This language is the technical description of what is the post-war institution of Jim Crow, slavery by other means, oppression by means of ownership other than direct control of chattel.

Should I ask Chief Murphy about this notice, and whether she has read it? Does it matter? What do you say?

The city has just graduated a new crop of cadets in this municipal army of occupation, with much attendant violence and abuse. Miss Mott, a candidate for city council and a future mayor, says we are overpoliced. She speaketh true.

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