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Wamp, Smedley, Hullander run 2019 campaigns

Weston Wamp, left, and a volunteer put up a campaign sign off Highway 153 in Hixson in his bid to be Hamilton County mayor. (Photo Wamp campaign)

CHATTANOOGA, Tenn., Jan. 29, 2022 — In the rating of Republican candidates for Hamilton County, Tenn., mayor, two rate a “2” and a third rates a “3.” (See other reporting starting Jan. 15 for details.)

By David Tulis /  NoogaRadio 96.9 FM

The “3” is earned by Weston Wamp, a man who talks in terms of ideas and who is favored in the race based on this strength of heart and mind. Mr. Wamp won’t have to rely simply on name recognition, affiliation with political operatives,, wealthy political dynasty family connections, good works of charity, public service on a state college panel, his mixing at club dinners, birthday parties, personal celebrations in the like. 

In other words, Mr. Wamp commands by concept and not just personality. (He also has the advantage of tech expertise and Web SEO savvy, with his ads popping up on many local smart phones.)

So in my review of the election he is the leading candidate among Republicans, because he puts his ideas “out there” for review.

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Sabrena Smedley and Matt Hullander rate “2” because they pretend that Covid-19 state of disaster did not really happen and wasn’t really that bad. And they are people of personality, not political philosophy, concept and idea.

But why is Mr. Wamp not way ahead of these two? He’s a mere “3” even though he has posted a Covid-19 position statement, and the others haven’t, yet. 

Because the candidates in the Republican party are like unto their host. They are running campaigns as if it were 2019, and not 2022.

His statement views the CV-19 “pandemic” in terms of its effects on the state factory school system in Hamilton County, schooling being a centerpiece of the Wamp campaign.

Shall we ‘move on’?

If there is anything weak in his argument, he covers with a two-word final exclamation, “No mandates.” Bravo, and bravo.

COVID is an emotional issue, but through competent leadership and clear communication from government leaders, Weston believes we must move on.

What is central to the Tulis campaign for mayor (the rule of law to which all must submit, even in a pretende “crisis) is marginal to Mr. Wamp. What is the central issue in the hearts of the people to me is, to him, an issue people’ve forgotten about or about which they no longer care. We “must move on.”

The state of emergency under GOP Gov. Bill Lee is like a cop’s arresting a person without warrant, probable cause or articulable suspicion. Any such arrest by a cop is lawless, a form of kidnapping.

Under Gov. Lee and our local white legal political establishment, the entire state was put under house arrest without a lawful and non fraudulent exigency, reason, cause or warrant. Our 6.8 million people were, let’s be blunt, falsely arrested.

Kidnapped. Railroaded. Shafted. Our due process rights violated en masse.

This point is sharply made in my lawsuit against Becky Barnes of the Hamilton County health department and the governor. The health department and the governor made no determination of the “agent of contagion” or “contagious principal” of the alleged SARS-CoV-2 or Covid-19, as state law requires. Hence, no official was vested on March 12, 2020, to do anything whatsoever, leaving the people’s health in their own hands, to their own discretion..

Mr. Wamp effectively wants us to forget that these things happened.

He didn’t suffer as the rest of us did, being (perhaps) one of our capitalist elite whose members tended to profit from the crisis.

Hundreds of thousands of people across Tennessee and tens of thousands of people in Hamilton County suffered ruin and abuse under the mass detention, mask mandates, screwball abuse at hospitals and stores, mass abuse everywhere by state actors and their political parties, all of them operating outside the law, in mass fraud, under penalty of the felony official misconduct statute applicable to those in office and in government employ.

The Wamp concession to reality

I consider the following paragraphs a Wamp minimalist concession to the real world of biosecurity state overthrow of our state and our federal constitutional republic, as explored in Robert F. Kennedy Jr.’s book The Real Anthony Fauci; Bill Gates, Big Pharma, and the Global War on Democracy and Public Health, which in my recent illness I read with extraordinary care.

Mr. Wamp admits discomfort, and focuses the state-based ruin in its effects of socialized public schools, that great instrument of materialism, evolutionism and statism (both left- and right-wing). Mr. Wamp rightly points out children are not at risk for “Covid,” that “anti-science government overreach” has controlled the media and public narrative, and that mandates are wrong and should not be imposed.


Adjusting to the reality that COVID is not going away, schools should go back to normal. Sports should be played, graduations should be in-person. Education is too important to politicize. 

COVID is an emotional issue, but through competent leadership and clear communication from government leaders, Weston believes we must move on. Like Mayor Coppinger, Weston will monitor the local COVID situation in real-time with an emphasis on protecting vulnerable members of society as necessary. 

Reasonable protocols in the face of a once-in-century pandemic gave way to anti-science government overreach that continues to have profound mental health and developmental impacts on children. [Great point] With the benefit of hindsight, we now know that mortality rates of school age children have not changed during the pandemic and vaccines allowed most senior citizens to return to normal. 

Simply put, children are not at risk from the virus, but their educational future is, as a result of fear-based policy. 

For many of our students, school is a safe-haven, the only place where they are loved and fed well. We have a moral imperative to keep school open and in-person. 

In Tennessee, the county mayors of the largest counties were given authority to make COVID-related decisions. 

As County Mayor, Weston will prioritize truly vulnerable communities and act to reverse attempts to mask young children or further interfere with their education and development. No mandates. [Emphasis added]

I am running for mayor because we must secure the next four years from like abuse, which threaten. The state of emergency continues even today. Any government that did what it did to us will do it again, there being no hand of restraint, little regard for the constitution and state law.

I argue for a government modeled after Romans 13, the noted and frequently mistaught passage by Paul about the higher powers ordained to use the sword. I have discussed this passage in detail on the air, and on this site. Here are two pieces about the doctrine of the lesser magistrate, as it applies to us in Hamilton County and as it applies to the campaign of Weston Wamp., a doctrine that shows how Romans 13 applies in real-world conflicts stirred by tyranny.

Confronting tyrants is a duty

This list of people in the Bible who confronted tyrants is from Dr. Gary North in one of his books.

Abraham deceived Pharaoh, and God blessed him (Genesis 12).

Jacob wrestled with Laban, and God prospered him (Genesis 29-31).

Joseph performed outstanding slave service, and became ruler of Egypt (Genesis 39-41).

Moses said, “Let my people go,” and God gave deliverance (Exodus 1-14).

Ehud presented Eglon with a gift: a hiltless sword in the gut (Judges 3).

Jael lured Sisera to sleep, and drove a tent-peg through his skull (Judges 4-5).

David cut off the corner of Saul’s robe, and then repented of it (l Samuel 24).

Jehosheba and Jehoiada concealed prince Joash from Athaliah (ll Kings 11).

The state of emergency under GOP Gov. Bill Lee is like a cop’s arresting a person without warrant, probable cause or articulable suspicion. Any such arrest by a cop is lawless, a form of kidnapping.

Obadiah worked quietly for the LORD at Ahab’s court, while Elijah prophesied against Ahab’s sins (l Kings 18).

Azariah rebuked King Uzziah for trying to make the church a department of the state (ll Chronicles 26).

Jeremiah counseled submission to Nebuchadnezzar, while Hannaniah counseled rebellion (Jeremiah 26-28).

Daniel and his friends served Nebuchadnezzar faithfully, but refused to worship his gods (Daniel 3-6).

Jesus Christ answered not a word to the charges of the High priest and to the questions of the Roman Governor (Matthew 26:63;27:14).

Paul made full use of his rights as a Roman citizen in arguing his case (Acts. 23-26).

The Early Christians paid their taxes, but went to the lions rather than turn in scrolls of the Bible.

Thomas Becket was slain in a cathedral rather than let King Henry ll lay taxes directly on the Church.

Andrew Melville told King James VI of Scotland that he was not a king, nor a lord, nor a head, but only a member in Christ’s Church.

The Founding Fathers declared that George III had broken covenant with the Christians of America.


Time to fight


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