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Covidians refuse $1 million offers for interview

Serial entrepreneur Steve Kirsch, right, is offering $1 million to people in Big Pharma and the government to give him on-record interviews about their chemical-war driven Covid-19 pandemic and their solution to it — the so-called vaccine. This photo is from a noted 3-hour interview June 14, 2021, with Dr. Robert Malone, left, inventor of mRNA technology, and Dr. Bret Weinstein, an evolutionary biologist, on Rumble.

I am not a doctor. I’m worse. I’m an engineer with two degrees from MIT.

By Steve Kirsch / Director, Vaccine Safety Research Foundation

I look at data. I make decisions based on what the data says, not on what people tell me to think.

After 3 relatives of a friend of mine died right after being vaccinated, I started looking at the data from the clinical trials, from studies, from the government, and from doctors.

What the data said was troubling. Very troubling.

First of all, this entire pandemic was completely avoidable. 

We had an early treatment protocol in March of 2020 developed by George Fareed and Brian Tyson. Nobody dies on their protocol if they get treated early. Zero. And only a few people got hospitalized. Yet today, the NIH is saying nothing about this protocol.

That is ridiculous. If they are going to mandate anything, they should mandate you get this protocol if you get COVID. But they don’t. Instead, doctors can have their licenses revoked if they prescribe early treatment drugs like ivermectin and flu

We don’t need masks, we don’t need vaccines, we don’t need mandates, and we don’t need lockdowns. We never did.

What we need to do is to start listening to the doctors who have treated thousands of COVID cases with no deaths. Is that too much to ask?

But the NIH refused to listen to these doctors.  And instead, they focused on the creation of a vaccine which the evidence shows is making things worse. Much worse. COVID cases are at an all time high.

We are being mandated to take a vaccine for a societal benefit without ever being shown the risk-benefit analysis.

There is a reason for that. The benefit is negative. According to over 12 studies, the vaccines are killing at least 15 people for every life that the vaccines were projected to save. And we are permanently disabling even more. For kids, I’ve seen a risk benefit analysis showing we kill over 100 kids to save 1 kid from COVID. 

NOBODY has the right to MANDATE that I must risk my life to save other people I don’t know. That’s unethical and immoral. I would not voluntarily choose to deprive my kids of their father. 

NOBODY has the right to mandate that I take a vaccine which is likely to double my chances of being infected. The data now coming out of the UK and Scotland clearly shows this. In Study after study, the more you vaccinate, the more likely you are to be infected. Precisely the opposite of what we were told.

This is why Boris Johnson in UK recently dropped all COVID restrictions. “We will trust the judgment of the English people.” he said. Finally. 

Why can’t we do that here?

People look to their doctors for advice on whether to take the vaccine. But doctors cannot speak  the truth. If they do, they will have their licenses revoked for spreading misinformation. So they remain silent. This isn’t about what is best for patients. This is about silencing trusted professionals through intimidation tactics. That’s wrong.

The other thing that I found particularly troubling was the lack of transparency and accountability.

Nobody at the CDC, FDA, or NIH wanted to answer any of  my questions on camera.

My member of Congress is Anna Eshoo. She refuses to meet with me or answer any of my questions. Not a single person in Congress who I have supported over the years will answer a single question I have.

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So I offered $1M to the members of the outside committees  of the FDA and CDC if they would meet with me just so I could ask a few questions on camera. They all refused. 

I’ve published my questions on my substack: stevekirsch.substack.com. I hope that you will go there and read the list. Ask your school boards, your member of congress, and your state legislators. Demand answers.

I’d like to share just a few of my questions with you today. If you like these questions, you’ll like the list of questions on my substack even more.

  1. There are over 9 studies that show the vaccines make it MORE likely (not less likely) you’ll be infected from COVID. Did they make a mistake in all 9 studies?
  2. My neurologist has 20,000 patients and 2,000 vaccine injured. She’s been in practice for 11 years w/o a vaccine injury. This vaccine is over 20,000X worse than other vaccines. If the vaccine is so safe, how do you explain a 10% injury rate?
  3. There are now over 1M adverse events reported in the VAERS system. Using CDC’s methodology, we know VAERS is ~40x underreported. That’s 40M adverse events and > 5,000 conditions that are significantly elevated. How can the CDC not spot a single safety signal (other than myocarditis)?
  4. Maddie de Garay was injured in the Pfizer phase 3 trial. She’s paralyzed. why didn’t the FDA investigate? That’s clinical trial fraud. Why aren’t we telling people that based on the clinical trial, there is a 1 chance in 1,000 your child could be paralyzed too?
  5. If the vaccines are safe and effective, then why do the manufacturers need liability protection?
  6. If the vaccines are so safe, Why aren’t any of the organizations that mandate vaccines accepting liability? 

Nobody wants to answer any of these questions. I have over 100 on my substack just like those.

In closing, I’m here to save my kids.

I’m a Dad to three kids. Two of them are in school. They are being forced by their schools to take the booster. That booster is more likely to increase the chance they will die or be infected.  It’s wrong. Their schools will not answer any of my questions. Why not? Why are they so afraid to be held accountable? Why do they refuse to accept liability for their mandates?

While I have not been successful in having a single one of my questions answered, maybe you will have better luck than I have. 

Until they answer these questions to your satisfaction, you should not comply with their mandates.

Steve Kirsch’s speech at Defeat the Mandates rally in Washington

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