Journalist crowd-funds bid to force Gov. Lee to obey law

David Tulis is an investigative reporter at 92.7 FM and is Chattanooga’s “blogger with the biggest pen“ and the “smartest guy with a bow tie” in the city. (Photo David Tulis)

I am the investigative journalist who has fought for liberty his whole life. I’m soliciting your help in legal reform projects, starting with the one most important today. 

By David Tulis / NoogaRadio 92.7 FM

And that is pushing back the administrative totalitarian state under Gov. Bill Lee and his cohorts in local government in the Covid-19 panic that has unseated lawful government and pushed the state and national economy over the edge into a self-reinforcing depression

I fought 201 days in chancery court for a writ of mandamus, one I drafted with own hand and based on my legal research and knowledge. I’m in the court of appeals know, on Main Street in Knoxville, as a sui juris person, in his own flesh, as my own natural human being, a soul wrapped a body, as C.S. Lewis says. The deadline for my brief is late August.

Chancery court judge Pam Fleenor disregarded the law and principles of equity in issuing four dismissal orders in my single cause.

Mandamus is a powerful common law remedy requiring the government to obey the law that is clearly written and unalterable. It is a peremptory writ which instantly reaches the top of the docket.

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The governor is rejecting obedience to the health law at Title 68, and instead is running his health and safety show on the basis of seven words and a period in the emergency law, Title 58. He is using force, threat and coercion on the healthy generally and not upon the sick specifically. He is violating the due process rights of 6.8 million people in Tennessee, and mandamus is the proper remedy to make him stop and to bring lawless government under the law. The rise of the purported Delta variant in summer 2021 brings the specter of a second closing of the state’s economy and life.

I’m soliciting your help for money that comes to me personally for my family, my house, my person, and my expenses as touching getting to and from court, filing fees, hiring a court reporter, spending time in law study and other expenses. When I go to Nashville to argue my case before the Supreme Court, I will have to spend the night and pay for gas. 

Please support me in this work. Please support me in liberty. I have two other cases for liberty that I intend to pursue once the CV-19 litigation is over.  See for extensive reporting on two longstanding abuses upon which I have given exhaustive attention.

Your donation is not tax deductible and comes to me personally as a gift for use at my discretion. 

I have spent my whole life in Chattanooga fighting for liberty and the unborn. I have a long track record in this work as publisher and writer. I’m 61 years years old, have 4 children, ages 17 to 27. I am a homeschool dad and a member at North Shore fellowship in Chattanooga (PCA)

I covet your prayers and your support in this project.

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