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Oral arguments set vs. terror state as Lee touts ‘state of state’

Oral arguments are set in our case, State ex rel David Tulis, in which I am demanding a writ of mandamus to compel Gov. Bill Lee to obey Tenn. Code Ann. § 68-5-104 requiring a determination be made as to the cause, agent of contagion or “contagious principle” of the so-called Covid-19 or SARS-CoV-2 pandemic that let state actors abrogate, void and destroy the democratic institutions in Tennessee. (Photo David Tulis)
Judges at this state appellate court building in Knoxville will hear our oral arguments for a writ of mandamus. (Photo Tennessee courts)

CHATTANOOGA, Tenn., Jan. 24, 2022 – Oral arguments are set Feb. 15 in the much-abused case filed 479 days ago by the state of Tennessee on relation to overturn a fraudulent state of emergency begun March 2020 by Gov. Bill Lee that has ushered in an increasingly deadline vaccine campaign

By David Tulis / NoogaRadio

The people’s representative in the case, this reporter, fell sick just before Christmas and remains out of action. Oral arguments set mid-January, but the court granted a delay. He is still in bed at his house in Soddy-Daisy, recovering from flu and pneumonia. He’s ready to gear up for a 15-minute analysis of state of Tennessee’s grievance on relation against office-holding lawbreakers.

The case is State ex rel. David Jonathan Tulis vs. BIll Lee, governor, et al, case  E2021-00436-COA-R3-C, a petition for writ of mandamus to compel Gov. Lee and a local health official to obey state law. I am the relator in the case, relaying the people’s and the state’s grievance against parties called “respondents.” The petition argues that based on admissions obtained before my chancery filing Oct. 2, 2020, that the state on relation has an absolute right for a writ of mandamus to compel obedience to state law.

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The state has been victimized by Gov. Lee and his claque 683 days, and is in a state of emergency now largely to tap the federal cash cow. The state has reaped  F$437.2 million more than budgeted in taxes and fees in December, according to Center Square reporting. It collected F$1.626 billion more than budgeted this fiscal year, which ends June 30, after collecting F$3.1 billion more than budgeted last fiscal year. The state has experienced a 21.8% increase in taxes and fees collected through five months compared with last fiscal year.

The mandamus case argues that in disobeying state law requiring a determination be made of an alleged agent of contagion, the governor had no authority for any mitigation measure whatsoever, on an individual and certainly not upon the mass of Tennesseans. It says there is no nonfraudulent exigency, warrant or lawful cause for an emergency because no isolate has been determined for SARS-CoV-2 or Covid-19.

Judge Fleenor = The Unjust Judge

Hamilton County chancery court judge Pamela Fleenor, who is seeking re-election, boggled the case 201 days that should have been decided in 14 days at most as an emergency, peremptory petition amid mass public harm and open, admitted violation of Tenn. Code Ann. 68-5-104 by Gov. Lee and health department administrator Becky Barnes.

Pam Fleenor, chancery judge

The oral arguments are set by video. I am objecting. The court scheduled a video conference; it did so without answering a proper and timely motion to object. I am not writing a “motion to reconsider” arguing it prejudices my case and my person not to be heard in person.

My oral arguments will highlight the remarkable series of prejudices by Judge Fleenor. She rejected the “forthwith” requirement in mandamus (meaning, handle immediately, if not sooner.) Judge Fleenor stacked upon relator the duty to show “personal harm” from the wrongs of the respondents – a duty nowhere in the mandamus jurisprudence. She granted motions by the other side before hearing my counter motion. She denied me the right to answer repondents’ motions to dismiss, converting motions to strike into answers (denial of due process).

She repeatedly served court Covid-19 “policy” rather than acting under her canon fairly, impartially, wtithout prejudice. She accepted ADMITTED FRAUD and VIOLATION OF LAW by Lee and Barnes. She rejected long-established rules of equity and justice as reflected in many court rulings and the noble Suits in Chancery by Robert Gibson, the Bible of equity in Tennessee. Her abuses multiplied as the case ran on. Though empowered to be just and to save the people of Tennessee from evil (namely the oft-lethal mRNA experimental shots), she refused to use the petition to bring justice and relief.

Mrs. Fleenor is running for re-election, and like Gov. Lee is going to gaslighting the public and the voter into thinking her a noble conservative, a woman of good disposition for a second term on the bench. As she may even tout her mistreatment of me as a signal strength of her character, Gov. Lee is promoting his constitution-honoring ideals in his campaign schtick.

Lee giving ‘state of state’

Gov. Lee will be giving his fourth state of the state speech Jan. 31 at 6 p.m. It will run on the governor’s Facebook and YouTube pages.

Gov. Lee ran in 2018 stating “Ten for Tenn,” or 10 goals in his first term. Among them was an effort to respect the Tennessee constitution. He said he intends to “defend our founding principles” in three areas – first amendment religious speech, the right to bear arms and the powerful promises of the 10th amendment that he says protects “against federal overreach *** that our state’s rights are protected. *** Bill will work to preserve our First Amendment religious liberty to ensure Tennesseans are free to exercise their religion free from state and activist overreach.”

His effective declaration of martial law in his CV-19 executive orders abrogated rights to religion, and many other enumerated rights in the state’s supreme law.


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