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Pediatric RN sues Erlanger CEO over jab threats

Erlanger Medical Center is the public hospital in Chattanooga, overseen by the county commission. It is participant in the county and state’s violation of Tennessee Code Ann. § 68-5-104 regarding epidemics and the requirement that a “determination” be made of any contagious condition or sickness. (Photo Erlanger on YouTube)

Nurse Rachel Clark is suing the CEO of Erlanger medical center for abusing her by threatening to fire her if she did not submit to medical treatment.

By David Tulis / NoogaRadio 96.9 FM

William Jackson Jr. acted “intentionally, willfully, knowingly, negligently and with reckless disregard” for her constitutional rights. The hospital is the county’s public health authority. The Hamilton County health department since early 2020 admits it has fraudulently disobeyed the key state law dealing with epidemics.

Nurse Rachel Jackson

The complaint says that Mr. Jackson on Nov. 18 ordered the pediatric RN to get the CV-19 jab or “she would no longer have her job.”

A call to Mr. Jackson requesting an interview was not returned. He says in a Dec. 1 letter to staff,

Only the Lord knows how this will play out in the courts in the weeks and months ahead. I must again emphasize that we are obligated to adhere to the CMS Conditions of Participation to remain financially viable and fulfiII our mission to this community, and as such, we must continue to prepare in the event the CMS Mandate becomes permanently codified.

The federal government claims are based on a misreading of the law, and upon the power of legal presumption.

Erlanger operates under rebuttable presumption that every employee is a threat and danger to other people because he or she is healthy. The presumption is rebutted by an employee giving written evidence that there exists no evidence that he is sick or contagious.

“The defendant has acted on grounds generally applicable to the class of employees threatened with discharge,” the complaint filed by Charles G. Wright says, “and questions of law or fact cornmon to the members of the class predominate over any questions affecting only individual members and a class action is superior to other available methods for the fair and efficient adjudication of the controversy.”

Mr. Jackson requests his associations “afford grace and patience” as the hospital works “through the operational particulars, and compassionately caring for our patients and one another.”

The complaint says Mr. Jackson blames the Center for Medicare and Medicaid and its claims upon parties downstream in the economy.

Defendant misrepresented to plaintiff and all other employees at Erlanger hospital that he was as chief executive officer of Erlanger Health System under a legal compulsion to fire them if they did not get vaccinated by December 5, 2021. The requirement by the executive department of the United States government that hospitals had to force their employees to have Covid-I9 shots by December 5, 2021, was unconstitutional on its face. Defendant had highly competent legal counsel that would advise the defendant of the unconstitutionality under the 14th Amendment to the U.S. Constitution of the efforts by the federal or state governments to force persons to have unwanted medical treatment. 

There are many other constitutional reasons why the CMS order was not valid. Nonetheless, defendant acted like he was under legal compulsion when he was not. Defendant chose to not risk rnaking Center for Medicare and Medicaid mad by not complying with the unconstitutional order by CMS. He chose to keep peace with CMS to protect Erlanger Health System’s solvency, and unconstitutionally crammed down potentially unwanted medical treatment on every employee of Erlanger Health System.

Mrs. Clark had CV-19, and so has natural immunity. But the snarling dog thinking that controls corporations and governmental authorities discounts the science.

“There is no federal police power for the federal government under the United States constitution,” her complaint says. “There is no case law allowing the federal government to mandate vaccines.”

The filing demands the court prohibit Mr. Jackson from making any further such threats against employees.

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