Rhea County records police powers notice; legal classified adds muscle

This ad is the second of four legal classifieds hailing all parties with an interest in or duty under the filing of Transportation Administrative Notice Tennessee as a public document in Rhea County. This notice is being published four consecutive Fridays in a newspaper of general circulation in Hamilton County, Tenn., making it impossible for any official to claim he does not know about TAN and its bright sunshine beams showing that state law in Tenn. Code Ann. § Title 55 makes a distinction between transportation (a privilege) and travel (a right), and that policing activities must conform thereto. (Photo David Tulis)

Keelah Jackson and Marc Gravitt, Hamilton County register of deeds, discuss efforts to record David Tulis’ transportation administrative notice as a public deed. Mrs. Jackson is under a state Title 55 civil death sentence that she seeks to make a living by the exercise of her rights. (Photo David Tulis)

It’s a maxim in equity that for every wrong there is a remedy. But sometimes, many times, it’s easier to accept the wrong and move on, hoping for better days ahead.

Mark Gravitt, the Hamilton County register of deeds, is clearly wrong in throwing up a barricade with Rheuben Taylor helping, against transportation administrative notice.

By David Tulis / 92.7 NoogaRadio

But as the man who prepared this document I’m finding a way to allow Mr. Gravitt’s error, and his wrong to me, stand stark naked, unaddressed, and forgiven.

My step is to record this public document in a neutral venue and to make it part of public record for litigation and criminal defense in Tennessee courts. To avoid the turd in the road, if you will come up, I go to Rhea county north of Hamilton County and visit Teresa Hulgain, the register of deeds.

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Her clerk gladly records my transportation administrative notice under an affidavit of power of attorney.

This action costs me a little time in the morning, a road trip from Soddy-Daisy where I reside, to Dayton, and back through Soddy-Daisy to Chattanooga to my radio station in East Ridge. It also costs me F$110.

But there’s more. But there’s more To make sure that local officials cannot escape notice, I have engaged in a legal redundancy. And that legal redundancy has 2 layers beyond the actual notice physically and personally served on parties such as city council for City of Chattanooga and Sheriff Jim Hammond of Hamilton County.

The 1st notice is giving a copy of document to each official person in person. For example, on March 1, I gave Jim Hammond, Hamilton County sheriff a copy of transportation administrative notice, an act of personal service. The next step is to publish the document in a legal setting, the register of deeds. It’s not Hamilton County, true, where this statewide project has had its launch.

But, it is public nonetheless and will serve my purposes statewide.

The 3rd notice is especially for Hamlin County. It is an exquisite detaila that isn’t lost on everybody but the people in this question matter. And that will be the officials and sells.

I have deal with the manager of the ChattanoogaTimes Free Press classifieds department. The man who handles the legals is Jim Stevens. Today runs the 3nd version of my classified notice about TAN. It is a small classified ad of about 64 words the tells all who need to know what they need to know and where to find the information.

The ad appears on the TFP the website as well as in print.

Why bother? What TAN is all about

Today’s report tracing the expanding strength of TAN overloobks the larger question about its purpose and its benefits to you and other people. That large question is the overenforcement of Title 55, the Tennessee transportation statute, against people who are not involved in transportation.

This is a grievous error of long standing. There his not been challenged. I’m challenging it based on the statue self, and the statutory construction rules which indicate the limit of every law. The law is limited against whom it applies, upon those whom it makes liable for performance in obedience. As regards transportation, the law applies to people who are making a living on the road, cabbies, haulers, rig operators, ambulance operators, courier services.

My notice intends to protect these classifications of people, and everybody else in two ways. It is a defense in a criminal case, and a basis for victim retaliatory litigation in every city and county in Tennessee that is given personal service of the document.

As the project goes forward, I will be exploring how it can be used in court to protect a person who is accused, perhaps via my new and unactivated domain, TNtrafficticket.us.

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Please explore with me a vital TN reform

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