EmergencyPanic 2020

Basis of criminal complaint in Hamilton County in CV-19 fraud, harm

This graphic from U.S. early-warning system VAERS shows how deaths are skyrocketing under the CV-19 shots, untested, experimental, pushed by a multi-billion dollar propaganda campaign by governments, drugmakers and the media. The shots are said in Hamilton County to be “safe and effective” and are administered in violation of Tenn. Code Ann. § 68-5-104, the epidemics statute requiring a determination be made of the agent of contagion in any outbreak in Hamilton County (Graphic Openvaers.com)
Becky Barnes at one of many press conferences held to market illegal suppression of American life by arbitrary and capriciouis rules and its supposed savior — the CV-19 experimental shot which as of Nov. 5, 2021, killed at least 18,461 people, an accounting of as few as 1 percent of actual deaths reported to the FDA website called VAERS. Retired, Mrs. Barnes is succeeded in office by Sabrina Novak. (Photo health department)
Sabrina Novak is the new administrator of the Hamilton County health department. (Photo health department)

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