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Hospitals drop jab ban as county plays on children’s sympathies to get consent

This official from the Hamilton County health department is promoting a reckless project of experimental serum injections in children as young as 5. (Photo health department)
These documents about federal antitrust, patent and bioweapons crimes and frauds have been sent by certified U.S. mail to the Bradley County Commission in Tennessee. (Photo Jessica Hedgcock)
These are some of the signatories of a letter to Bradley County, Tenn., commission, whose members are open to ideas about interposition between residents and tyrannical and deadly state and national governments.
This website shows how far despots in Canada will go to gain control over subject populations whose members do not know their rights and have no idea how to resist lawless government action.

Two hospitals have come to their senses in Chattanooga.

Erlanger medical center, Hamilton County’s health authority and Chattanooga’s public hospital, has dropped its plan to fire all employees who have refused to get an experimental treatment for the CV-19 flu.

By David Tulis / NoogaRadio 96.9 FM

A press statement Friday says “as always” the health system “will operate in accordance with legal guidelines and rules for participation in critical government funding programs” and is calling “a hold on our directive requiring the COVID-19 vaccine or an approved medical or religious exemption by the December 5 deadline.”

Memorial hospital, run by a corporation called CommonSpirit, also is withdrawing the bared teeth and angry snarls.

Memorial reversed course a week ago. “They have another exemption form or anybody who has been denied,” says nurse Joel Lucas. “And from what I understand it’s going to be a universal acceptance now. I think now that anybody who has been double denied will now be accepted under this exemption they are allowing.”

The county health department is continuing its project of using the state factory school system to capture children as young as 5 for the jab.“We are excited to again partner with Hamilton County Schools *** to make pediatric COVID-19 vaccines available,” says Hamilton County Health Department Administrator Sabrina Novak.

‘Crucial mitigation strategy’

She says the “pediatric events” are intended to “minimize the fear a child might have when receiving their vaccine. To that end, we invite children and their parents to join us in dressing up as their favorite superhero when they come for their appointment.”

The manipulation is to appeal to children’s sense of sympathy for others, because family members get the shots to keep “others” safe, even though the risk of harm from the unapproved treatments are greater than any harm from the so-called coronavirus.

Bradley County commissioners are being urged to examine a federal law that lets local government fight back against fraud and criminal activity in the drug industry.

“Helping parents protect our young children through vaccination is a crucial mitigation strategy to ensure the health and wellness of our students. We look forward to increased community vaccination rates and to our students returning to a sense of normalcy.”

Stillbirths explode

In other developments:

➤ Jessica Hedgcock, a homeschool mom of five in Cleveland, Tenn., sent this week by certified mail copies of to documents to members of the Bradley County commission and to the district attorney, Steve Crump. The documents touch on federal criminal statutory violations by the inventors of the SARS-CoV-2 “pandemic” and of the MRNA treatment. “The past few meetings our elected officials have stopped promoting vaccines altogether,” Mrs. Hedgcock says. “There has been no mention of them. I wonder if our phone calls to set up a meeting with the mayor and me contacting my local commissioners attempting to get on the agenda puts them on edge knowing I want to discuss the Fauci Covid dossier with them.” A remedy locally could be through the federal tort claims act.

➤ The jabs are killing children, according to a review of the VAERS report by Children’s Health Defense. A Georgia girl, 11, got a shot Sept. 14, prior to the authorization of Pfizer’s COVID vaccine in the 5 to 11 age group, and perished. The second death (VAERS I.D. 1890705) occurred in a 5-year-old girl who died four days after receiving her first dose of Pfizer. 1,581 adverse events have been reported in the 5 to 11 age group since Nov. 1.

➤ People who understand the basics of their due process rights can deflect “prison for the unvaccinated” claims in countries such as Australia. “Notices” to show up for jail time are the state’s best offer for due process, and said offer is legally insufficient. The healthy person must demand the cause and nature of the claim and notice, and the underlying charge, which must be premised on a wrong done by the accused. This process is part of our proposed “administrative record” process by which the burden of proof of harm is shifted back upon the state actor.

➤ Stillbirths in Canada explode among women who accepted the CV-19 treatment. “This is a story we hear nowadays from everywhere, especially from morticians who’ve been horrified by the huge increase in deaths of these babies in vaccinated mothers,” says Steve Kirsch. “The rate of stillbirths in Waterloo was 28X times higher than normal, for example. Only to vaccinated moms.”

 Dr. Daniel Nagase exposes the exploding cases of stillbirths in Canadian women

➤ The Pfizer and other treatments are failing. “That the vaccines being injected into populations worldwide are useless and do not work against the Coronavirus is being increasingly recognized and acknowledged in different ways,” says Vasko Kohlmayer at “The Kennedy Center, for instance, requires that all attendees of its annual Honors gala events, which will take place this weekend, present a negative test even as the Center also requires that all must be vaccinated. This is a direct acknowledgement that the vaccines will not protect attendees against infection.”

➤ The Swiss require tests of all people, whether they have gotten the treatment. Great Britain is rolling out the fourth booster shot. More than 80 percent of seriously sick and dying people in England have taken the serum, Kohlmeyr says. “In Britain eight out of ten serious Covid cases and deaths are among the double and triple jabbed even though the country’s vaccination rate is at 70 percent.”

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