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Relator asks added time to ‘defend petition’ in appeal

I look up from my computer screen at my home office and see posters reminding me of my goal in a pending 50-page appeal brief: “Defend the petition” for writ of mandamus, filed 313 days ago in chancery. I defend the petition to get the judges to overthrow the work of unjust judge Pamela Fleenor.
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This morning the judges at the court of appeals at 505 Main St. in Knoxville will receive my motion requesting more time to finish the brief in our case.

The motion says, “Comes now relator, moving the court to extend the time for presentation of his brief beyond Aug. 16, 2021, which date was granted by the court giving him three weeks beyond the 30 days allotted by the rules. This request is the second of necessity.

“The complexity of the violations, the 584 pages in the record, the difficulty and the complexity of the court’s rules comprise a workload to which petitioner is unequal. These points plus the urgencies of being a breadwinner with a full-time job and no option for vacation time are claimed in support of state of Tennessee’s on relation requirement for four additional weeks to finish his brief, with a proposed deadline of Sept. 6, 2021.”

If they deny the petition, the brief will be due Monday, in multiple copies under color cover. I am truly unequal to meeting that deadline, though I had thought three extra weeks would’ve been enough.

I ask for God’s sovereign grace on our cause, whatever happens, and the clarity of mind to finish. Among the gnomes whom I consult, one has been extraordinarily helpful; I hope he can pick up the pace in helping me fashion this pitch for relief and for restoration of constitutional government and the rule of law in Tennessee.

Grave judgment left, right

We are under a grave judgment from God for being a lawless people on the whole — we Americans. The lawlessness has started first in His church, whose shepherds have rejected his law, and turned the body of Christendom in the U.S. into a helpless, weak and irrelevant state. The grave sin is called antinomianism, rising as it does from Arminianism, that being the unreliable bedrock (aka sand) upon which American evangelicalism is built.

Governors and councils and commissions reject written American law just as easily as God’s people reject God’s revealed will and law. All around us: The effects of sin in the church, writ large across society and into every crevice of civil government.

Still, I pray that a proper appeal under man’s law will bring relief from the men and women in high office. This work is really that of a Christian deacon, defending the liberties God has given us, intended to be protected in our state’s supreme law, the Tennessee constitution.

Please pray for me, and remember the prayers of the saints account for much in God’s plan.

The judges last time replied the same day they got my motion for enlargement. If they do likewise today, I should know in tomorrow’s mail their position.

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