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Neighbors urged to demand commission heed remonstrance on CV-19 harms

Becky Barnes is administrator of Hamilton County health department, recently retired. She has promulgated a mass harm and fraud upon the populace by violating Tenn. Code Ann. § 68-5-104. (Photo county commission)

I believe it will be productive labor to encourage TN Neighbors for Liberty and other people in Hamilton County to consolidate our position vis a vis the county commission.

By David Tulis / NoogaRadio

We do that by using the remonstrance I delivered nine days ago in hard copy to its nine members.

Citizens and residents might be wise to pigeonhole their commission members, demand a15-minute meeting, and present a copy of the document for the commissioner’s consideration (he didn’t read it earlier). The citizen then demands the commissioner act now to halt the fraud, halt the PCR tests, halt the jabs, and begin acting in good faith to bring healing and restoration among the many jab- and fraud-injured people in the county.

This demand is key in the document.One hundred and nine people signed the document, so it represents the demands of the people as awhole. The commission member must take note, be on awares, and drop every other matter and concern until this ship is set aright, and the law obeyed.

The county is in open violation of TCA 68-5-104, requiring a determination be made of the agent of contagion. It has not done so, so every act done under auspices of fraud and disobedience to black-letter law is a harm to the people. The commissioner must act immediately, and in good faith, to stop the harm, to end the mass wrong and mass irreparable injury to the people.

Remonstrance — download a copy

This link contains a downloadable copy of the remonstrance (7pp) and access to my 13-minute presentation to the commission, available on FB. We must work with concrete demands, specifically and particularly submitted, and seek results upon this public document. My goal is to assist Hamilton County residents in their labor to seek redress of grievances, and to end this medical catastrophe, brought upon us with leave and permission of the county commission.

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