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Notes from field: I protest CV-19 lockdown

Joan Farrell, with flag and dog, sits with a protest sign in Chattanooga on the north side of Chickamauga Dam. She is a member of the Church of Christian Science. (Photo Andy Sarjahani)

Have not been in touch recently but no grass has been growing under my feet.   

By Joan Farrell

Have tuned in briefly to hear lawyers from Greeneville, Knoxville(?), the Pastor from Virginia and others.  Saw Wanda Cooke and Linda Stubblefield at the Greenway on Saturday evening.  Wanda has been tuning in when she can.

BANKS – Can’t believe that my credit union, Tennessee Valley Federal Credit Union, with assets of $1.35 billion, is still NOT providing lobby service.  I was at the Hixson branch on Friday, and seeing the long lines at the 4 open ATM/Drive thru tellers, I went in the lobby foyer where there is a walk up ATM.  I saw two employees in the bank and thought they were open, even though signs on the door said otherwise.  I called through the door and asked the employee (who appeared to be a person in authority) WHEN the bank was going to open.  She said she didn’t know.  I was incredulous.  I should have been more polite but I said that the bank was being a baby!  The woman ahead of me at the ATM was disgusted.  She wanted to withdraw more than allowed by the ATM (I think there is a $500 a day limit at the ATM).  She had to get back in her car and go through the long car line.  I got my money but would have liked to have gotten a $5 but THAT particular ATM only gives $10s and $20s.  A minor inconvenience but piled on top of several other unnecessary inconveniences at TVFCU – I used to be a happy customer but would no longer recommend that anyone bank there.  

OTHER BANKS – a friend banks at Bank of America and says that the lobby has been open the entire time but that tellers wear masks.  

COSTCO – as you know, they require masks but will provide them to the customer.  I will not wear a mask at a retail business even if provided one for free.  (Not actually free, business will pass along all these sanitation, ppe, etc. expenses to the customer!).  On the way to a medical appointment in Cloud Springs, GA, I went past the Costco there.  Even with their extreme “SOCIAL CONTROL” practices the lot was full!  Sad that customers who are paying members will submit to this.  

CHURCHES – the Church which I am registered at is the Christian Science church downtown.  They have a large church given the less that 2 dozen members.  Even if everyone showed up they could each have a pew to themselves.  The Clerk tuned in for the online Webinar hosted by the City of Chattanooga on church re-opening and then the Board met.  They decided to keep the Church closed even though this is the church that believes – strongly – that God is the Divine Physician – and they do not go to doctors.  Many believe that germs do not even exist.  I wrote to them expressing my disappointment.  THEN …

PROTESTS AT THE DAM –  I took action and made a sign reading “CHURCHES CAVED TO A NEW GOD – THE CDC!”  in 6 inch high letters.  I stood or sat by the guard rail at the little pull off just past the Lake Resort Drive exit holding the sign and an American flag on three different occasions – Sunday afternoon May 17th, Wednesday evening May 20ieth, and midday on Thursday, May 21st.  I though I would get a more positive response since this IS the Bible belt but only 5 honks and someone stopped and might have taken a picture – not sure. 

BUT then a man definitely stopped.  He asked to take a picture.  Then he told me that he had a day job as a mechanic at the TVA Watts Bar facility working 14 hour days for a contractor for the next 4 months.  He told me that he does the “day job” to finance his true love, independent film making.  He told me of his film of a 77 year old Montana man who is in his final days of being able to climb mountains.  I found the film easily on the Internet. It is called Horns Out and is only about 10 min. long.  Very sad.   We introduced ourselves and he said that his name is Andy Sarjahani, he lives in Chattanooga, having moved here about a year ago from Arkansas.  He took a short film of me but said it would be a while until he finishes the roll and gets it developed.    We’ll see.

T-SHIRTS – I loved the T-shirt worn by one of the Nashville protesters which you posted on your website. It outlined all the drawbacks of wearing MASKS!   I would love to get one!!!   Looked all over the internet to see if I could buy one ready made.  Couldn’t find any.  Then I was told about Trade Days in Collinsville, Al, held every Saturday from 7:00am until noon.  The woman who told me about it said that she had gone on Saturday, May 16th and that it was “elbow to elbow” – her words.  I went down this past Saturday, May 23rd, and was able to bring the dogs too, on a leash.  A man there had a booth to buy air brushed T-shirts.  I had one made which says “Social Control the Road to Tyranny”.   I plan on wearing it everywhere. 

CHATTANOOGA MARKET – contrast the no social distancing, few masks, cash only, , entertainment provided, lots of booths by poor people both Anglo and Hispanic in Collinsville, AL with the sanitized Chattanooga Market which allowed only a third of the usual vendors, no entertainment, masks highly advised for attendees, social distancing and CASHLESS purchases.  

LAS VEGAS, NV – Las Vegas hotels and casinos will open at 25% capacity on June 4th.  The shut down has been 78 days, too long as told to me by local resident Bob DeVecchio.  Bob was very interested in your show and I gave him some info.  He is alarmed at the national debt which is approaching $25 trillion. 

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