City moms kill 90 tots as Holy Spirit keeps reducing toll of abortion

A girl files the following report about the successes of Planned Parenthood, which operates clinics in Tennessee. (Photo WCRD Radio at Ball State University)

The Holy Spirit is moving within the people in the Chattanooga area by giving hope to moms who might otherwise destroy their unborn children.

That mercy of God is a reduction in the number of babies slain by their mothers with the assistance of state-licensed and state-approved doctors in the abortion business in Atlanta, Nashville and the Tri-Cities.

By David Tulis / 92.7 NoogaRadio

In 2017, 90 moms residing in Hamilton County moms slew their offspring.

However, the racist enterprise of the abortion industry continues statewide at a good clip, with minority infants  destroyed in the womb at four times the rate of Caucasians.

Depopulating minorities in TN

The rate of abortions among whites in Tennessee is 3.3 babies per 1,000 female population. The rate of minorities is 12.2 babies per 1,000 female population. That’s 4x.

All told in 2017, women in Tennessee destroyed 8,636 boys and girls with state approval. Most of these children were the fruit of fornication among unmarried women. Eighty-four percent were to single women. More than 13 percent of the babies would have been born to married women.

Hamilton County has 18.57 percent of the state’s population, and only 1.04 percent of the babies slaughtered.

Hamilton County sharply diverges from the statewide trend in disfavor of the lives of minority babies. The rate of white babies slain is 1.2 babies per 1,000 female population. Among nonwhites, the rate is less, 0.8 per 1,000 female population. In Chattanooga, white babies fare less well than minority tots.

The gross numbers of babies slain by women residing in Hamilton County show a strong decline. Ninety were slain in 2017, which is 61 fewer than in 2015. In that year,151 boys and girls were liquidated, that being 150 fewer than in 2010. In that year, 301 tykes were slain, that being 20 fewer than in 2008. In that year, according to state data, the census in blood was 321 infants.

The ratio shifts in favor of minority children in the 2017 report, with rates equal to or disfavoring minorities in the earlier years cited.

Misleading data?

The low rate of baby killings in Hamilton County may not be entirely the work of the Holy Spirit, suggests Carol Ann Ferguson, director of Choices pregnancy center in Chattanooga. Many women go to Atlanta for abortions, where data collection may be spotty. “Often they are traveling to different major cities, including Atlanta ****. So, it can impact those numbers because they are going outside the state to have those services done. Another reason is because places like Choices exist.

“We exist to educate, support and empower women and men in the community, and especially those facing an unplanned pregnancy.” She says 87 percent of the women served “do make a decision for life.”

Chattanooga Christians shuttered a baby-killing practice in 1993 by buying the clinic building from its owner, who had filed for bankruptcy.

In 1985 the number of babies killed at Chattanooga Women’s Clinic was 1,352 from among women in the region.

The toll climbed to a peak in 1991, when 2,208 babies slain, says Charlie Wysong, a longtime pro-life activist who sued abortionists over botched abortions.

In that year, neighboring Georgia counties of Walker, Catoosa, Whitfield supplied 25 percent of the corpses. Hamilton County women provided 56 percent of the business, while Bradley County moms accounted for 6 percent.

Source: Tennessee Department of Health.

Chattanooga loses to abortionists — but finally wins

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