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Hampton fights Erlanger for brother’s life as alien protocols control, beckon death

Marlon Hampton put into an ambuance for a trip to Erlanger Medical Center in Chattanooga, a company serving the Hamilton County Health Authority and generously reimbursed under the CARES act for every CV-19 patient, every treatment of Remdesivir and every insertion of breathing tubes into a patient. (Photo Patrick Hampton)
Patrick Hampton tells the story about his fight to obtain treatment for his brother Marlon, beset with a flulike condition said to be Covid-19.

Patrick Hampton fights for his brother, but Erlanger works toward his early death by denying approved methods of care

This photo shows a medical person at Erlanger Medical Center in hospital refusing to give life-saving treatment to Marlon Hampton. The grounds: There’s good money in a lethal treatment called Remdisivir, and there’s good money in putting the sick man on a ventilator. Erlanger refuses to take a call from a NoogaRadio reporter seeking comment. (Photo Patrick Hampton)
Patrick Hampton says this woman from Chattanooga hospice was part of an effort in league with Erlanger Medical Center to reduce oxygen for Marlon Hampton. Mr. Hampton thanks Adoration Health and Hospice for intervening and providing backup oxygen. (Photo Patrick Hampton)
Marlon Hampton, who perished from the CV-19, leaves behind two daughters.

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