Administrative notice

III. With malice, city, county ignore your rights protected under administrative notice

Marie Mott speaks at the end of the fifth anti-police march in Chattanooga — one of about 30 aimed at police brutality and violence that often begins at what are euphemiscially called “traffic stops.” At right in Cameron “C-Grimey” Williams. (Photo David Tulis)
The law in Tennessee requires a party “put on awares” by notice to adjust his understanding and activity accordingly. But city of Chattanooga, Hamilton County and other parties have ignored Tennessee transportation administrative notice, which places liability for oppressive acts upon individual officers whose employers have not notified them of the disabilities (limits) in the so-called traffic laws they are enforcing. My 2 1/2-year-old legal reform project to halt this key element of Jim Crow in the South will take court action to gain wider effect. Part III of the Roland Mcclendon interview at The DeProgram Show.

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