12 perfect judgments that Christian disbelief brought to TN

Shameca Burt and her suitcase of legal papers as she has fruitlessly fought in federal court to regain her children, all seized at birth by the state’s monopoly of human trafficking. (Photo David Tulis)

CHATTANOOGA, Tenn., April 3, 2022 — Our life is marked by a dozen judgments of God against us summarized in the rise of commercial government, or the state merchant, and its effect in centralization.

By David Tulis / NoogaRadio 96.9 FM

God requires judicial-ethical government, a magistrate of clear and limited authority to render public justice according to God’s law, and leaving the people (so long as they are godly) to be free from oppression and judgment in an open and liberal society, with no standing army (police) and protection of the rights of property, travel and dignity.

In judging us, God denies these blessings, and forces us to crush our grapes out of view of roving Midianites demanding to see a tax stamp and where we might have sharpened our axe.

The judgments operate against us at 12 levels. They have altered culture in Hamilton County, Tenn., and every other. They debase it. The judgments operate in multiple areas.

The cause and source: The antinomian church with its walls and parking lots, its pietistic message of private Christian holiness exclusive of all other concerns that are thought not to be under God’s sovereign claim and irrelevant to proclaiming the kingdom of God.

The whole of this “customer service” system draws Christian people into it, and voids the fruit of their beliefs. As they comply, rationalize and doubt, they are joined in nonbelief with God’s declared enemies and so lose the power of antithesis and differentiation, of mercy and grace.

The dirty dozen

Public school. The state factory school is the most important means by which the Christian yields his children to his enemies, and does so gladly, willingly and usually with a clear conscience. The public school teaches a rival theory of God and has its obvious 7 hours a day whereas the church has its students one hour a week. Absent family worship and Christian teaching at home, young people are led away from gospel truth and into pragmatic materialism and humanism. The school itself, its rhythms, its segregations, its surveillance and depersonalization, are a judgment against God, against godly ways of living, thinking, learning, independence and maturing.

The story of Shameca Burt is partly told here. https://tnt23.wpengine.com/2019/02/why-did-mom-lose-9-kids-she-was-poor-had-attitude-social-worker-says/

Human trafficking. Human trafficking is the baby and child seizure the state offers as a public service. There are 8,000 children today in foster care in Tennessee. “In the federal fiscal year 2021, a total of 1,630 children in foster care joined forever families,” says the department of children’s services. The foster care industry is a federally subsidized racket, and sexual abuse of children is rampant, with children of poor blacks lifted from their  moms’ arms at birth.

Corporatism. Government by corporation and in service of corporations. Insurance is a leading influence in the operation of the state. Its interests are served by state control of all movement by car or truck. Under threat, deceit and duress, insurance must be purchased by people using the road privately. Under law, however, only truckers and shippers are required to have insurance as they are using the public road for private profit and gain under Tenn. Code Ann. § Title 55. Government has come into service of claims windows, with totalitarianism theoretically able to reduce claims to near zero.

Covid emergency fraud. CV-19 is a fraud of mammoth proportions, an overthrow globally of elected governments and states, putting state institutions globally under the influence of an elite abuser class. In Tennessee, the Bill Lee state of emergency is based on fraud, absent compliance with state law, as I explain to three court of appeals judges Feb. 15.

This confrontation on YouTube over the Covid-19 fraud is led by David Tulis, the investigative reporter at 96.9 FM, suing for a writ of mandamus in man’s courts, to suppress the wicked and shame the people’s pretended protectors. (Photo, YouTube and its TNcourts page.

Stolen grand jury. The grand jury has for decades been improperly constituted with the judges in each county naming the foreman of the grand jury. One thirteenth of every indictment is unconstitutional, meaning that every indictment is unconstitutional with a certain amount of bias and partiality built into its discernings of the law and in its charging instruments. This problem is highlighted in two U.S. supreme court cases and in a federal court ruling in Shelby County, outlining how to undo the imbalance. Grand juries are owned by prosecutors, and no longer spoil local parties in corruption, abuse and lawlessness.

Warrantless arrest. The routine of deputies and police arresting people without a warrant on the spot for misdemeanors is a violation of the constitution and a continuing source of woe and trouble to the people. The constitution puts trouble and complication and delay upon the officer in making an arrest. It requires that the officer get a warrant before arrest.

Jimmy Lee Moore is one of thousands of people arrested on the spot without a warrant for an alleged misdemeanor offense. (Photo David Tulis)

But cops routinely ignore the constitutional protection of the people and violate the black letter law at T.C.A. § 40-7-103 that gives exception to the constitutional protection. That law gives an inch; the system takes a mile. We live under a system of general warrants as in the colonial times under the British, and DA candidates Neal Pinkston (incumbent) and Coty Wamp (challenger) are, as one might say, OK with it.

Making bond. The bond process in Tennessee for people charged with crimes is an extortion racket. It is such a problem that two-thirds of the people locked in Hamilton County jail are souls who have not been convicted, but simply cannot afford the exit tab.

Conviction factory. Because of the long custom of plea bargaining many people are drawn into the system needlessly and unjustly by overpolicing, crooked charging instruments, deformed criminal cases illicitly created, cooked and sloppy. The tag team of prosecutors and public defenders operates a plea bargain mill where 97 percent of cases are traded in or a guilty plea. About 3 percent of criminal cases go to trial. The fact that so few cases are publicly aired means that sloppiness, carelessness, perjury, lies, hostile policing, planted evidence, race-based and prejudicial policing and prosecuting are endemic, subsidized by the denial of a trial for defendants who disturbed the state’s peace and tranquility.

A federal security officer plies the traffic enforcement trade against a family in Chattanooga. (Photo David Tulis)

Abuse of Title 55, motor and other vehicles law. For decades since the creation in 1938 of the driver’s license, the legal establishment in Tennessee has forced all private travelers into commerce by deception and threat. No one believes that he has the right simply to get on the road and travel in the exercise of rights, the pursuit of necessities and other such rights. Law enforcement and courts conspire to pretend that all travel must be in commerce and is taxable and regulable, even though the person is not using the road for private profit and gain with the road being the principal place of business. The state rapes the people. Its custom and usage gives police continuing access to the bodies of the citizenry, of the citizenry, for jailing and/or criminal prosecution. Bills of attainder are prohibited in federally in Art. 1 sect. 9. Most abused: Blacks and the poor. A clear analysis of the situation is in Tennessee transportation administrative notice.

Official fraud in “revocation” racket. The fraud in Nashville by the commissioner of safety in “assigning” driver’s licenses to people and then suspending or revoking such license, placing upon thousands of Tennessee’s criminal prosecutions for “driving on suspended.” This abuse happens mostly among the poor, reports indicate. A separate racket involves the state refusing to collect tens of millions of dollars in taxes due so that it might maintain the legal fiction “all travel by car = commerce/transportation.”

This book, The Miracle on Main Street, by F. Tupper Saussy launched a nationwide revolt against fraudulent paper currency issued by the Federal Reserve System. It is a hard-money classic, borrowing heavily from Christainity.

Paper money. Art. 1 sect. 10 of the federal constitution prohibits circulation by the state of fraudulent bank scrip, as in federal reserve notes. “No state shall *** make any Thing but gold and silver Coin a tender in Payment of Debts.” State government is supposed to protect the people from debased coin and currency, a violation by the U.S., which it has refused to do. In the early 1980s, Tupper Saussy of Sewanee launched the “money wars” to try to rectify the problem and restore public money. Attorneys general and courts across the U.S. refused to honor the requirement that bills honor God’s 8th commandment against theft, the 9th commandment against false witness and the 10th commandment on coveting (and the supporting case law). Inflation taxation is secretive, afflicts most deeply the weak, poor and ignorant and profits those closest to the springs of credit. The growing Inflation spiral is a self-destructive national judgment that ruins without fail, the record of history shows.

Centralization, the clincher judgment. The Christian gospel, when widely believed, creates a horizontal free market society with little centralization and little bureaucracy. Self-government is widely practiced. Executive power exclusively is reserved for heads of households and heads of enterprises. Under God’s judgment, big government emerges, big business becomes an ally, creating a top-down political economy, a hierarchical society, monoculture and atomization of men and women. Impersonalism reigns, as Satan likes it, whether it be in education (state or public schools), justice (prisons) or money (central banks, CBDC [central bank digital currencies, coming], fractional reserve lenders).

The solution

Until Christian people abandon their churches and rediscover the word of God, they will continue to sit under teaching that infantantilizes them, keeps them children, keeps them useless and incapable of any reforms in the public square. An open reading of the gospel empowers them to serve better, more broadly, in more areas, in the name of Christ Jesus, and so push back the tyranny that has claimed all the areas of life they abandoned.

Because of a short-signed and pessimistic theology of recent origin (see The Puritan Hope by Iain Murray, 1971, or Millennialism and Social Theory by Gary North, 1990, or Righteous Empire by Martin Marty, 1970 [a view from the liberal side of Christianity]), they deny themselves the crucial resource of time, and so are disabled from building or rebuilding in culture, the arts, science, technology, law, medicine or government. If Christ is coming soon, as American Christians claim, why bother with defeating any evil, or lifting a pinky to right wrongs, serve the weak and poor and rescue the dying, as Christ commands?

The sum of the restoration: A rediscovery of God’s law in the detail, not just the general principle in the 10 commandments.

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