Sideways chicken bone in Mayor Berke’s throat

This letter to assistant city attorney Keith Reisman will get no answer, under the argument that the city attorney’s office does not give legal advice to anybody but the city. But it is the key question pending reform in Chattanooga of a major police abuse of the public that Mayor Andy Berke continues to practice. Its chief victims: African-Americans, Hispanics, the poor, orphans and widows — and people just like you. The question arises from a friendly meeting with city attorney Phil Noblett and a lawyer colleague, Keith Reisman, about the limited grant of jurisdiction the people have given to cops through Tenn. Code Ann. Title 55, the transportation law. 

Mayor Andy Berke holds a cute pup, but a police practice he condones is the real mongrel. (Photo city Twitter feed)

Sue cop as oppessor, defend self in traffic court: Transportation Administrative Notice — leading the way for racial reparations for blacks in Chattanooga

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