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‘Rule of Law Radio’ listener should replicate police powers notice in home state

Randy Kelton proposes that David Tulis and this website absorb his long-in-gestation legal form producing mechanism for people harassed by roadside policing. Mr. Kelton’s website is

Transportation administrative notice project intends to halt traffic stops in 3 1/2 years

➤ Person assailed roadside by the officer has a defense: “Sir, I’m traveling under the [transportation administrative] notice & make no statement outside the presence of my lawyer.”

➤ Aka the “Get out of my face, sir” project of local self-help, self-determination

[These are bullet points about the transportation administrative notice project Tennessee to halt Jim Crow policing against blacks and all other people under the misused Tenn. Code Ann. § Title 55, the motor vehicle law. The interview with Randall Kelton of Rule of Law Radio touches these bullet points. At, the show is to be archived for Jan. 3, 2020.]

➤ Chattanooga city government, notified 682 days ago 

➤ Hamilton county notified 673 days ago

➤ State of Tennessee notified March 2018

➤ Requires government agents to choose constitution, black letter law vs. judicial policy

Halt Jim Crow against minorities

➤ Transportation vs. travel 

➤ Policing = privilege regulation / tax enforcement 

➤ Privilege is calling, trade or occupation.

➤ Notice requires all parties recognize diff between privileged use of road, free use of road

Driving = privilege. 

Travel = right

➤ SOLVE PROBLEM: Footwide law vs. yardwide enforcement 

➤ Notice eliminates good faith defense (didn’t know, didn’t intend to violate yer rights)

➤ Setting up cops, cities, counties for litigation. Notice is spring for trap.

➤ Notice relies on traditional rules of evidence, statutory construction to defeat traffic harassment / Jim Crow / “ultra vires” (outside the scope of law) activity

➤ My work is as Christian, racial reconciliation 

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