Local economy greatly influenced by whom voters pick as mayor

City hall in Chattanooga, the seat of municipal government. (Photo David Tulis)

City hall in Chattanooga, the seat of municipal government. (Photo David Tulis)

Our interest in the mayoral campaign in Chattanooga should not be understood as a rejection of our local economy and free-market ideal that tends to eschew politics — which is the argument about laws and ordinances prior to their being enacted.

I’m giving attention to this race to unseat Mayor Andy Berke because I believe that the biggest threat to local economy the free market is the state and its agents, particularly municipal corporations such as City of Chattanooga of which he is the chief executive.

By David Tulis / Noogaradio 1240 AM 101.1 FM

An administration favorable to marketplace liberty will act with much more lenity and grace than one with a progressive and state-oriented outlook typified by Mr. Berke.

Mayor Berke has been the chief executive of the city enterprise for nearly four years. The voters on March 7 will be deciding whether he can keep the job. They have options. These include Dave Crockett the former city council member and lococenrist environmentalist; Larry Grohn, a sitting council member and detail-oriented conservative; and Chris Long, a political novice with a free-market critique of the housing sector and abusive regulations.

The man voters elect creates policies and solicits ordinances that affect the free market and local economy.

➤ Will Airbnb homeowners be forced to submit to ordinances?

➤ Will Uber and ride-sharing services be harassed?

➤ Will people who run 3-D printers in their garages in the coming decentralization of manufacturing be “required” to get business licenses?

➤ Will the police department be demilitarized, will de-escalation and mercy be a major part of the training rather than gun violence that claims American lives?

➤ Will city government recognize constitutional constraints upon the state and its agents and recognize all claims of constitutional protections when made by members of the public?

➤ In the coming financial debacle out of Washington, New York, Baltimore and Chicago, will city government be willing to defy lawless edicts from state and federal capitals and defend the assets and property of residents?

In my estimation, the state is the enemy of liberty and the free market, in which people act innocently and harmlessly to further the interests of others, such as customers, and support themselves in being paid for their service in the marketplace.

Government is a tremendous impediment to all aspects of business creation and enterprise. The best candidate for mayor will reduce as much as possible the damage government causes against innocent human activity, and also brings to mind by exhortation and organization the work of many souls in the city toward munificent and benevolent ends.

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