Like in salvation, travel notice lets people claim innocence

Deputy Gregory Carson, serving sheriff Jim Hammond of Hamilton County, Tenn., dodges back and forth to elude a member of the press, finally ducking behind a door. (Photo David Tulis)
Police and sheriff’s deputies such as Gregory Carson are arresting Jon Luman of Red Bank for traveling in his car, alleging he is involved in commerce but refusing to make these allegations in court. (Photo David Tulis)
Deputy Gregory Carson spins on his heels to avoid his photo being taken in the county courts’ foyer. (Photo David Tulis)
Weaving the other direction, sheriff’s deputy Gregory Carson dodges a photographer. Officer Parker is responsible for arresting Jon Luman in Mr. Luman’s exercise of ancient rights as “one of the people of Tennessee,” as the Red Bank carpenter likes to put it. Mr. Carson refuses to comment. (Photo David Tulis)

I have come to see my “get-out-of-my-face” administrative notice project as a means of bringing an earthly and secular redemption and salvation to people in my city. 

By David Tulis / NoogaRadio 92.7 FM

The project targets the administrative deep state as it operates by custom in Hamilton County and points beyond, and it seeks to end traffic stops under the state shipping, freight and transportation law against people not involved in shipping, freight and transportation.

It is an effort to have people claim support and protection from God, the state constitution and state laws in asserting their innocence of any wrong, and is addressed first to African-Americans and the poor, those most easily wrecked by police action.

Declaring innocence

The project essentially is a way for common people on the road to declare their innocence and avoid self-entrapping words to the police officer or sheriff’s deputy. 

It alllows people to declare themselves innocent of any wrong or crime as against the police and the sheriff’s deputies who are their accusers, who are operating against private parties under a public and administrative law — Tenn. Code Ann. § Title 55, motor and other vehicles. It allows commoners who don’t know much about law to assert their independence of the transportation claims imposed ultra vires by cops.

This activity is universal in the 50 states, and reform began in 2018 in Chattanooga on Feb. 20. 

Private soul, public acts

The godly background of the transportation project is echoed this Lord’s day in Sunday school where the question is about private worship and private devotion. Initially I am annoyed at the tone and direction of the class, which seems just more dollop of subjectivized privatized Christianity — how we can be better private Christians in our private personal walks with God. 

The redundancy of this line of discussion is clear in my musings as one notices how the injustices and abuses of the poor and the weak in our city are overlooked by Christian people as a matter of custom and teaching — and here we go again, working hard at improving our quiet times and hearing about improving our habits of prayer.

As I listen with impatience I feel my time might be better spent not considering my private walk with God, but how I might energize Christian people to assert themselves on behalf of the city’s oppressed — people victimized by at least five violations of law by local grandees, with OKs by the judges. I am in Sunday school, soaking in the teaching, and wondering if that’s good enough for my Creator this Lord’s Day morning. ‡

The subjective faith discussed in the class is important. In private worship there is meditation, prayer, contemplation, praise, reading. These are also called quiet time and devotions and private worship. The Christian should read the Word and also contemplate the Word of God, which means applying it. 

However, the Christian faith is one of action. God looks beyond the inner soul of man and has concern for cities, nations and states. The gospel claims the inner man; it also projects God’s claims upon people’s as a whole – tongues, tribes, kin, districts, colors.

My “leave-me-the-heck-alone” transportation administrative notice project intends to help individuals assert their God-given rights. It lets them claim civilly what God grants as favor to the elect — legal innocence. As Christ’s sacrifice offers propiation for sin (legal forgiveness), my project intends to let people use a legal filing to claim protection from unlawful and abusive enforcement customs statewide, starting in Chattanooga.

People such as Jimmy Lee Moore are accused of crimes under the shipping law are not evil as alleged, and not sinners as alleged. They are victims of policing and magistrate- and judge-approved customs of law enforcement.

I intend for people “driving on revoked” use TAN as a defense streetside, or in court in their own defense, and also later in a lawsuit against the officer.

The lawless ones are not them. The lawless ones are those enforcing laws against the people in Chattanooga and Hamilton County.

Declaring we are harmless

The goal of the Christian walk should be declaring ourselves innocent before our accuser, Satan, the evil one.

Christians in their public walk might consider doing the same thing. If Christians defended God’s law in terms of the statutes of the state of Tennessee and in terms of the state constitution, the number of arrests, the number of jailings and the number of criminal cases put into the plea bargain mill would be halved.

The Christian’s job should be to attend to injustice in his city, and bring it to an end by diligent labor, pressure, money and action. Our job is to rescue those in jail, succor the harassed, protect the poor, defend the widow and the orphan, and defend the alien and the stranger to whose person God gives repeated protections.

We should declare evil as evil, and we should promote what is lawful and good pursuant to Deuteronomy 4. We should declare the innocence of the innocent and extend our efforts to free them and enlighten them as to their rights under God’s law and also under Tennessee’s wholesome laws. 

We should project innocence declared as ours by Christ upon others. We’re not saying they are sinless or are necessarily forgiven of their sins. We’re saying that Christ has freed us from slavery ( to sin) and we work to free others from slavery to sin and slavery to man. 

That is what my notice project is all about. Projecting innocence, declaring innocence that people who are even ignorant of their rights can defend themselves before the police and accusers in sessions and criminal courts. 

‡ Among the abuses of statute and rejection of constitutional rights in Hamilton County and Tennessee as a whole: Rejection of the “guilty intent” law, violation of the shipping law by applying it to private (nonshipping) parties in traffic stops, violation of the constitution by the judges’ naming grand jury foremen in violation of our due process rights, violation of the ban on arrests without a warrant, exercise of lethal force outside the bounds of common law, and denial of the right of remonstance to the general assembly. That’s six.

Sue cop as oppressor, defend self in traffic court: Transportation Administrative Notice 

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