Gov. Lee declares day of fasting, prayer as lawyers extend disaster 30 more days

Gov. Bill Lee, a Republican and a practicing Christian, declares today a day of fasting and prayer while is lawyers defend the work of unjust judge Pam Fleenor in Hamilton County chancery court who says there is no harm and there is no authority to make the governor obey the law and end the fraudulent state of emergency. (Photo governor’s office)
The Tennessee state of emergency is 578 days old, and is capped by a lethal medical experiment with untested products of companies such as Pfizer and Moderna, inserted into more than half of the eligible population in Hamilton County. The death count is 16,310 deaths by self-reporting system, and as many as 160,310 deaths across the U.S. (Source Openvaers.com)

Gov. Bill Lee has signed a proclamation declaring today a day of prayer as attorneys defending his fraudulent state of emergency pursue delays in the court case against him, citing the loony reason that one attorney spent more than three months trying to open a PDF.

By David Tulis / NoogaRadio

The governor says that whereas the people “acknowledge God’s sovereignty and the need for God’s grace over our state and nation,” and that as “we walk humbly together with God so that we may act with justice, kindness and love,“ and as we “seek forgiveness for our many transgressions so that our hears and our minds may be renewed,“ and whereas the people in Tennessee “acknowledge our rich blessings, our deep transgressions, the complex challenges ahead, and the need to pause, to humble ourselves and to seek God’s guidance in the day’s ahead,” that Gov. Lee proclaims a “day of prayer, humility and fasting.“

Gov. Lee gets an additional 30 days relief from the claims of justice and the law because county attorney Sharon Milling got approval for more time to finish her brief, seeing that she had tried to open part of the technical record of the case for 103 days without success — a PDF she needs to read to complete her brief.

Lawbreaking — may God forgive us

It is clear that, theologically, the governor is correct as to God’s sovereignty and his eternal decree, and that in light of the problem of sin, the people in Tennessee must repent of what he refers to our many personal and societal “transgressions.”

How a man in the state’s highest office, however, could persist in violation of God’s laws in the so-called pandemic jab project, using all the power and influence of the state against the people, is a true mystery.

God in the sixth commandment prohibits unlawful killing, and in the ninth commandment bans false witness. Both are invoked in the criminal activity by government actors and employees violating Tennessee law and federal bioterrorism, antitrust and patent laws.

How is it that he has refused his oath to God to uphold the constitution, and argues in court that he is not under any clear duty to obey the law at Tenn. Code Ann. § Title 68-5-104, and so see an immediate end to his erroneous, fraudulent, destructive and wicked state of emergency, that brought ruin to hundreds of thousands of people, including me?

How is it, that in court, he argues that I have not been injured, that my financial ruin in business and in my rights, and that I have not been harmed, and simply need to accept his actions as part of ordinary doings in government, which do not offend anyone, do not harm anyone, under the truism that “the law does no one any injury”?

As the relator and prosecutor in this case, I am fighting to restore the republican and democratic form of government in Tennessee, doing my own law work, acting representatively for the state itself and her people.

I appreciate the people of the state praying for these labors, and supporting them financially.

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