Church should support police powers reform project, end of Title 55 abuse

Chattanooga police’s arrest of Frederico Wolfe involved profanity, gun threats, a beating, false arrest and — to start the ball rolling — willful and bad-faith misuse of the state’s shipping and transportation law at Title 55 against a private citizen by a violent officer. (Photo YouTube)

God’s people have a studied indifference to police powers reform in Tennessee, but I believe the Holy Spirit changes hearts and minds over time. Perhaps Christians are heedless because they are misled by a ministry-industrial complex that keeps them in a spiritually infantile state and incapable of having a salting and reforming effect on society.

By David Tulis / 92.7 NoogaRadio

Title 55 reform — starting with proper and legal use of “traffic stop” practices — is important for Christians because they should care about injustice, abuse by cops and sheriffs, and the oppression of Tennessee courts.

[This essay is Part II, with Why church should ignore traffic stop reform making the case for the status quo. — Ed]

Urgency of fighting evil in Chattanooga

➤ God hates injustice, and Tenn. Code Ann. §¶ Title 55, vehicles and motor vehicles code, is used against private and pleasure users. Traffic stops are illegal against all users except for-profit users who use the road as a place of business, and for hire.

➤ “You shall neither mistreat a stranger nor oppress him, for you were strangers in the land of Egypt. You shall not afflict any widow or fatherless child.” Exodus 22:21,22. The Word is full of such admonitions; traffic stops weigh heavily against these categories of people in Chattanooga and across the state.

➤ The police state in Tennessee is hateful and evil and must be vocally opposed.

➤ Police enforcement against private users is a wicked assumption of power outside the scope of the actual black-letter law.

➤ Fighting for reform against this abuse is an actual and practical act, a handle to bring godliness to Chattanooga that will spread into other areas of public corruption and malfeasance.

➤ Fighting for the rights of travelers, whether local or visitors, is a means of outreach to the unchurched and those Carl Ellis, a theologian in Chattanooga, calls “the unchurchable.”

➤ God’s name is proclaimed in the public square as God is the originator of all of our rights as protected in the constitution. He gives rights to His image-bearers, whether rich or poor, whether weak or strong.  Christians have a duty to end all abuses by the state against the liberty of the people.

➤ As the state is reformed in traffic stop abuse, so will other areas be redeemed, as for example the state’s human trafficking division, the department of children’s services and the public school, both of which are mechanisms of ensuring the people’s slavery to the state.

Get your TAN now: Transportation Administrative Notice creates cause of action vs. cops, traffic court defense

➤  Fighting police abuse on the roads is a form of remonstrance. Prophetic ministry.

➤ Fighting Title 55 abuse is notice of God’s law. God’s law has an evangelical purpose, to glorify Him and His justice.

➤ Sanctuary city concept is a godly concept, not an illiberal one from the Democrat party. All cities are sanctuary cities. See Gary North’s essay,

Racial reconciliation, a ministry of grace

➤ The message of the gospel is spiritually connected but also practical and earthy. Title 55 reform, as I see it, helps individuals in God’s name. It is authentic Christianity in the works. Transportation administrative notice Tennessee is a reform aimed at the individual, intended to help individuals under civil death sentence (revoked, suspended, no driver license, told they must stay at their houses all day and abstain from work).

➤ This reform is a Christian reparation by the white man (me, David Tulis, and you, my reader) to the black. It is personal and individual, a Good Samaritan project.

➤ Title 55 reform is a cultural gain for blacks. With reform, fewer blacks will enter the police-industrial complex as traffic stops will be reduced by 90 percent. This is a social mercy. This rights education project is part of loving our enemies and those who hate us. Blacks are often are resentful to whites, and with good reason.

➤ Miracle workers under travel rights program can be gang members come up members of poor classes, people who don’t know much about law and other misfits and dissidents of the kind who followed the future king, David in 1st Samuel. Poor commoners are boots on the ground for reform as they stand up to cops and insist on their rights at court.

Romans 13, or Rev. 13, government?

➤ Let’s overturn Revelation 13 government and brings for Romans 13 government. One is godly, the other is absolutist in the modern warfare state paradigm.

➤ This project in Chattanooga is outward looking. God owns the world and all must bow to God’s law and accept the freedom and liberty of others. Those who resist the freedom of travel and movement support totalitarianism and worship fear, a god.

➤ The executive state is satanic. A free society is one being blessed by God and as God lifts his hand of judgment against us, He will make us more self-governing and more equitable, less needing of schoolmasters and tyrants.

Fear God, fight for the oppressed

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