Two suns set over city as jets scar sky, emit blanket of haze

A sun sets over Chattanooga, it's air so polluted by jet trails that a giant chembo appears from refracted light. (David Tulis photo)

A sun sets over Chattanooga, its air so polluted by jet trails that a giant chembo appears from refracted light. A second chembo is out of the left frame of the photo. (David Tulis photo)

Jets as part of the federal government's war on sunlight Jorge's and dust into the Skies over Hamilton County, creating two sunsets. Photo David

Jets as part of the federal government’s war on sunlight disgorge dust into the skies over Hamilton County, creating three sunsets at 4:30 p.m.. (Photo David Tulis)

Chembo close up

Chembo close up as seen looking west from Soddy-Daisy, Tenn., just north of Hamilton County. Jets disperse coal waste that makes the planet more reflective, but critics say coal fly ash is a neurotoxin and that the program is abusive of government authority under the compelling state interest doctrine. (Photo David Tulis)

Wednesdy's geoengineer-caused sunset gives the sun two refractive companions as it sets over Signal Mountain. (Photo Kelli Moore Lentine)

Wednesdy’s geoengineer-altered sunset gives the sun two refractive companions as it sets over Signal Mountain. (Photo Kelli Moore Lentine)

Knoxville skies on Tuesday also are corrupted by jet emissions that are part of solar radiation management. Witness photographed chembos, too. (Photo Marla Stair-Wood)

Knoxville skies on Wednesday also are corrupted by jet emissions that are part of solar radiation management. Notice the chembo on the left. (Photo Marla Stair-Wood)

Heavy aerosol geoengineering Wednesday cause multiple suns to set over the city in the Western sky over Chattanooga.

Between 4:30 and 5 the sun set over Signal Mountain, throwing off to the northwest a mirror image of itself through clouds, and another second false sun to the southwest.

By David Tulis / Noogaradio 1240 AM 101.1 FM

At 4:30, people in north Hamilton County looking southward toward Chattanooga could see three suns, or, more accurately, a sun in the middle and two brilliant offspring suns on either side forming a circle halo around the brilliant orb.

The sky over Hamilton County was traced most of the day by plume-dragging jets, which overflew rainy overcast weather the day before.

The phenomenon of is relatively new, as jet aircraft tattoo the skies over Hamilton County with deposits of official pollution, said to be coal fly ash buy a maverick scientist in San Diego who has determined that the dust plumes trailing after hundreds of jets over Chattanooga and other cities to be recycled electricity utility waste

Dr. J. Marvin Herndon says that the extraordinarily fine talcum powderlike particles dumped by the millions of tons suit the purposes of the secret secret protected program, as far as they can be surmised from patents and publications. Coal fly ash is very light, doesn’t have to be manufactured or processed by the government, is procured cheaply from utilities, has reflective properties that, at least outwardly, serve the purpose of sunlight mediation/

“The chembos were on each side of the sun, and you could totally see the colors of the rainbow,” says eyewitness Kelli Moore Lentine of Signal Mountain, a sky watcher for the past four years.

“I have never in my forty-some years seen any type of rainbow like that. It’s not a typical rainbow. I want to know why it is happening on a day that’s not your typical stormy day; why do we see a rainbow in the sky? And it’s not even a real rainbow.”

Scientists have many reasons for being concerned about a mass chemtrailing program proposed in a federal study in 2014. An atmospheric scientist at University of California, Irvine presented a paper at the American Geophysical Union conference that argued against sky striping as a proposed program. Injecting light-scattering particles into the stratosphere — one of the most widely-discussed strategies for rapidly cooling the planet — would have the unintended side-effect of messing with the incoming light from distant stars and planets and making them less visible to telescopes and research.

“If we geoengineered globally, this would affect all telescopes around the world,” Charlie Zender complains to Gizmodo (Maddie Stone, “Geoengineering could be disaster to astronomy,” Dec. 28, 2016).

As stripes dim sun over city, scientists debate mass U.S. chemtrail proposal

“When he added a few megatons of sulfur dioxide to a computer model of the stratosphere — an amount that may be required to cool the Earth back to pre-industrial temperatures — Zender found that the night sky over urban areas would become roughly 25 percent brighter,” a report says. “That’s because our stratospheric shield would backscatter light from ground sources, namely, electricity. ‘It’s like when you’re driving through fog with your high beams on,’ he said.”

Controversy over program

Like its wars against poverty or drugs, the national government, headquartered in the square federal district between Virginia and Maryland, has for some time been at war with the sun itself.

The theory behind solar radiation management is to dim the sunlight reaching the surface of the earth, and cause its rays to deflect from the lower atmosphere back into space. An untold number of megatons of coal fly ash and other materials have been poured into the skies over farms, cities, lakes and deserts in a project not for which no civilian has authority or responsibility.

However, the program is seen by environmentalists as having a negative effect, that of increasing global warming. The millions of square miles of dust and clouds that blanket huge swath of the West actually trap earth’s heat, according to several scientists who oppose geoengineering in theory. Agreeing with them are critics of the secret military program who says sky striping is an old affair that began in the 1960s and is bringing devastation to the planet and mass harm to populations on the ground.

At 5:30 p.m. the light phenomenon shifted. As the sun set itself atop Signal Mountain, a single vague spot of light hung in the sky almost over head of my at my house in Soddy-Daisy.

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